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Bible Gateway Review, Cymplified!

For Christians, the Bible is the basis of our faith and it’s how God communicates with us. In these modern times, most people utilize technological equipment like laptops or mobile phones to consume information. Bible Gateway is one site that aims to merge together the Bible and technology for everyone’s access. For this blog, I utilize Bible Gateway to insert …

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lunch buffet at kusinacapture your moments, cultivate your magnificence

Family Day Out: Lunch Buffet at Kusina, Cymplified!

The clouds were dark and heavy as we made our way to the South. Particularly to Hilton Manila where we had lunch buffet at Kusina. It is exciting to try new restaurants. About the place Judging from its name, this is a Filipino-inspired place that serves international cuisine. For our entertainment, there were several short dance presentations right by the …

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