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(un)Happy Valentine’s Day, Cymplified!

For some, this past February 14 is an (un)happy Valentine’s day. It has become rather commercialized and a chance for establishments to sell love-themed things at a higher price. These people find the posts of flowers or chocolates or dates somehow cloying. It reminds others of their states, whether by choice or not. Aloneness, loneliness, rejection, loveless. For some, aside from having heart-shaped or red-colored things, they also celebrate anniversaries or birthdays.

Can’t feel the love

For others, endearments are not so dear. Sweetheart is not always sweet. Honey could be fake sometimes. Sweetie pie can be under baked. Baby is all grown-up and not as innocent. Sugar could turn out to be salt. Love may feel unloved. Babe has turned into a crone in one’s eyes. Darling is not so delightful anymore.

How was your Day of Hearts? Which one are you? Can you or can you not feel the love? Or do you believe that people should not wait until V-day to express their affection? That it must be done every day?

I wrote a poem as an eye-opener for people who want or are going into marriages. They are not as rosy as in movies. The stars in one’s eyes might explode and the shards may draw blood. Sometimes it’s unhappily ever after (because who can be happy all the time?), yet true love has God’s joy in any circumstance. The mundane and the messy come between the couple; it takes hard work and team work to keep the ill feelings at bay.

Together Apart

happy valentine's day coffee together
coffee together
Dash your dreamy notions
about marriage.
From waking up beside each other
on the bed,
to having coffee together
every morning.
Smiling at each other across
the dining table.
Holding hands at random times,
at random places.
Ensconced in each other's arms,
and falling asleep.
Wake up from this ideal
It's disappearing like wispy
All you have in front of you,
and beside you is an
empty space.
A ghost of your expectations
there floats.
The road you are traveling on
now diverges.
Questions replace certainties
of love.
Will your paths be one again
Would the hand to hold
be there?
Will conversations, laughter
be back?
No, time won't tell, only
effort will.
To regroup, rejoin, reconnect
with each other.
Are you willing to regain
love, once more?

No FOMO on Valentine’s Day

Celebrating Valentine’s Day depends on each person. It’s not a must; one should not feel left out. There are far more important things to focus on. Like building a life together – hand in hand through challenges, wading among the mundane and messy of everyday life side by side, showing love always, and forgiveness as God forgives.

What advice would you give couples?

happy valentine's day advice from nursing home residents
nursing home residents give happy valentine’s day advice

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