The Year That Was, Cymplified!

Twelve days into the new year 2022… (the time I started penning this, and my husband has the Covid symptoms) and things seem to be still grey and dreary. I’m waiting on the new hope that a fresh year is supposed to bring. The beginning of the year that was 2021 ringed in a glimmer of promise of some sort of normalcy as the vaccines rolled in. After 2020 saw lockdowns when agencies and most people acknowledged the virus.

We got jabbed.
the year that was - vaccinated
Face mask, face shield & vaccine

Early on in 2021, my husband and I got our first shot in April, our second in May (I felt super drowsy, thus, I took paracetamol and slept). Slowly, businesses opened albeit news of variants came out. I also started my own business and have been using products that work on my skin and health.

Economy once again thrived as people went back to work. Schools are looking into going back to face to face classes. Being cooped up at home made many giddy to dine out or travel once again. Even our family planned a vacation for the year end.

By the way, I also turned 40. I told you, right? That day, or part of that month, was a glimpse into my life right now – without a helper, cooking-washing-cleaning-tiring days. She went on her yearly vacation despite the pandemic and placed in quarantine upon return.

I also ordered food and sent these out to my relatives and friends, since we cannot get together. Speaking of celebrations, it was our 15th wedding anniversary. We know each other for twenty. I heard the song 2002 and realized that 2002 was 20 years ago! Oh my gosh!

We got sick.

Come November, I exhibited Covid symptoms and so did my son. It was unexpected as I rarely went was scared to go out. I had fever, cough with phlegm, and Anosmia (loss of smell). It was a nightmare being away from our home, but I’m glad it’s still within the compound. The anxiety of contracting pneumonia plagued me, thus I watched the oximeter like a hawk. Each morning upon waking up, my son and I would do deep breathing exercises. Every night before sleeping, we’d hold hands and take turns praying to God. We dutifully took our medicines and supplements.

Thank God our x-rays came out clear and we were all right after 14 days in isolation. I’m thankful to my husband who’s taking care of us the whole time.

We got away… for a while.

In December, hubby and I attended a wedding amidst a pandemic and a swab test prior was required. Tables at the reception had plenty of blank spaces. When not eating, masks are on at all times.

Near the end of the year, before Christmas, both of us went and had our booster shots. For me, I got body ache in the evening so I had to take paracetamol. Again.

After Christmas, we were on our way to Balesin. It was a nice change for the children who were cooped up for a year. But, of course, traveling in the time of a pandemic was tedious because swab test again a couple of days before. Being on the plane, an enclosed space, is nerve-wracking. Deplaning was a great relief… until we fly back home. Sharing here one of the photos I took there, straight out of the phone cam.

the year that was - a vacation
Sand, sea & sky in Balesin
I learned…
  • that it pays to take care of health, that taking the right supplements work and that it helps to get vaccinated, the Covid symptoms we had were mild and we easily recovered. Praise God!
  • to rely more on the Lord and to be grateful rather than be anxious. Easier said than done but step by baby step.
  • God is gracious in giving me my husband who takes care of me and the children.
  • that my kids are resilient and I appreciate them. They are gifts from God.
  • we never know when time is up, as friends had loved ones who were gone (I continually pray for strength and comfort for them); therefore, we need to always show our appreciation and love, keep our words kind, be encouraging instead of harsh.

Proverbs 16:24 (ESV)

24 Gracious words are like a honeycomb,

    sweetness to the soul and health to the body.

How are you all? What are your realizations from the year that was 2021?

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