Family Getaway: Birthday at The Peninsula, Cymplified!

It has come to this point at last. To this season of motherhood… when we had to book a staycation with two rooms. You see, I have a teen and tweens. The five of us wouldn’t fit in a king bed, right? Thankfully, I found this superb deal and got to celebrate my birthday at The Peninsula, Manila. I have always wanted to try their pricey halo-halo. He he!

Afternoon tea at The Lobby, Peninsula Manila
Lovely afternoon

I was looking online at hotels around the metro and by chance, I saw the website of The Peninsula, Manila Hotel. By necessity, I saw the promotion on the connecting rooms, which has the occupancy of six adults. I am so glad I saw this great deal from this 5-star hotel. Our kids’ own room was just right next to ours, accessible using doors inside the room.

Birthday at the Peninsula room
That’s one of the things I like about this deal.

Connecting rooms for the price of one room, and then some. Another thing is, our reservation came with Php4,800 worth of dining credits to be used during our stay. Therefore, with it, we tried out the halo-halo and had the afternoon tea, which was also my first time to experience in my 40 years of existence. 😀

And then there’s buffet breakfast good for four. It was exciting! The third thing I loved is the early check-in and late check-out option. We arrived at around lunchtime and just ordered food. Same with dinner. Makati malls Glorietta and Greenbelt were within the vicinity but we chose to really take advantage of the rooms, which had bath tubs – the fourth thing I liked.

While reserving, I wrote in the note about special occasions,

that it’s my birthday celebration.

There was a surprise waiting on our side table. Delicious little nutty chocolates and a chocolate cake with a white choco ‘happy birthday’ edible topper made us smile.

Birthday at the Peninsula

These days, face masks are required, thus, the hotel provided extra, plus sanitizers. They claim that the bath linens were also sanitized.

So, on our first day, we finally got to enjoy the halo-halo and also the afternoon tea (coffee) set in The Lobby at The Peninsula. We shared among us the savory and the sweet treats presented on an elegant gilded gold-edged plate tower. It’s nice to just hang out, having snacks and conversations. Know what else is nice? To get away from household chores for two days. 😀

Birthday at the Peninsula
On our second day,

we had buffet breakfast at Escolta. After resting from the filling meal, we changed into our swimming attires. We had to let them know what time we will be in the pool per the current policy. Thank God only a few people were in the area so we were able to take advantage and frolicked. Haha!

Birthday at the Peninsula

There were dining credits left, so, guess what? We ordered fruit shakes and sipped them by the pool. 😀

I would like to commend the hotel employees. Believe it or not, after swimming, I did not have the card key and my phone as one of my kids went ahead and brought it up to the room. The girls and I were left and we were standing by the elevators, wet and cold and nervous – trying to come up with how to go up without the keycard or how to contact my hubby. So awkward! Thankfully, an employee bumped into us and suggested we go to the front desk and ask for a duplicate. The lady at the front desk was prompt in preparing it as she saw that my daughter’s cold.

Would we go back for another birthday at The Peninsula, Manila?

Definitely. Make sure to book two weeks in advance for the super discounted price. Next time, hopefully we could visit Ayala Museum nearby.

We checked out six in the evening and then had my birthday dinner with my parents and my brother.

It was a relaxing and restorative birthday at The Peninsula, great for recharging with the family and being spoiled once in a while. Also, we were excited to eat this cake! Yummy!

Birthday at the Peninsula

Have you been to The Peninsula Hotel, Manila? If yes, how was your experience?

By the way, using a paper and a pencil from the hotel, I attempted a self-portrait sketch. What do you think? 😉

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