Family Getaway: Island Life at Boracay, Cymplified!

island life at Boracay

It is now almost the end of February, 1/12 of 2023 done. January was eventful, family gatherings left and right: birthdays and Chinese New Year. Our family of five went to Boracay, as well. It’s one of the places I wanted to visit, it was in my life list, and after 40-plus years on earth, my hubby made that wish come true. Of course, we availed of the promo and were blessed in part by a relative. We are thankful! 😀


For a few days, we got to escape the polluted, grey city and temporarily lived the island life at Boracay. Before dawn, we were on our way to Domestic Terminal 4 and were sat in our plane seats when sunlight broke through the clouds. A smooth Royal Air plane ride and a bumpy boat ride away, across dark blue waters was our island destination. Technically, Malay, Aklan. It’s a relief, especially for two people in our family who were seasick, to finally step on the pier.

Island Life at Boracay
just arrived

After alighting from a shuttle that took us to our hotel, we checked in late morning. But our room won’t be available until two in the afternoon. Thus, we walked a long length of the White Beach looking for our lunch place. Nearby, we first had cups of fruit shake from Jonah’s, a popular refreshment spot. At the exact time the buffet in Astoria opened, we fell in line to get food – our first meal in Boracay. We walked back to our hotel, Hennan Regency, via the main road they call the highway.

It was great to be relaxing in our rooms. I even took a nap! Eventually, we went out before the sun set. Finally we were able to feel the sand and sea water between our toes. Of course we took photos of us and the horizon. And then we ate dinner at Sea Breeze Café, which claimed to be the best buffet on the island.

Afterwards, we took off our slippers and walked on the sand under numerous stars. But then clouds took over and light rain fell. Thus, we headed back to our rooms.

Things we did in Boracay

A few weeks before our family trip, my daughters researched the water activities that we could do and the food/restaurants that are a must. Figuring we might as well try whatever we can so we could enjoy an island life at Boracay.

Island Life at Boracay
the iconic Jonah’s Fruit Shake
  • Try the Calamansi Muffins from Real Coffee. One of the popular food offering of the island are the calamansi or Philippine lime muffins.
  • Drink fruit shakes from Jonah’s. A name that I have heard associated with Boracay. I had melon-banana shake, that I sipped using a straw they claimed was made of rice.
  • Sample a variety of food through enjoying the buffets. Our friend also suggested we try Aria Cucina Italiana, the number one Italian restaurant on the island, and we did. It had a lot of patrons, we had to dine early evening or it was even late afternoon.
  • Take walks on the white sand. After all, Boracay is known for it – powdery fine sand that stays cool under the sun. Stop and look at the stars.
  • Take a dip in the sea. They say breathing in the salty sea air is beneficial for health. We had our masks off outdoors.
  • Try out different activities – scuba diving, stand-up (more like kneeling/sit-down) paddle boarding, ATV driving, kayaking in the river.
  • Do some light shopping of souvenirs from the trip. We got a ref magnet, an embroidered cap, a pouch, etc.
  • Strike up a conversation with locals. Enjoy the music wafting out of restaurant and bars being sung by live singers. My youngest had her hair braided halfway, island style. 🙂
Island Life at Boracay
clownfish sighting

The Island life at Boracay

seems great. It is understandable if one’s hair is messy and sticky; or the skin is red from sun burn. A person can walk around in just swimwear or shorts and slippers all year round. There were guys strolling shirtless. We even rode a public transport with the hotel towels draped on our shoulders and goggles on our foreheads.

It’s quite an adventurous life, I must say. Going to mainland, as they call it, we got into a small speed boat. Held on tight as it bounced over waves, salty wind and sea sprayed on our faces. There we rode a pick-up through a forest road to Mega Paraw where we tried driving ATV’s, some of us kayaked in the river and one of us tried the monkey zipline.

island life at Boracay

island hopping?

We wanted to try the banana boat, but, unfortunately, the weather and waves didn’t permit it. Have you been to this island? What activities have you tried in Boracay? Do you have a favorite?

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