Okay Days, Memories, & a Cymplified Life

Christmas okay days and making memories
I love the “okay” days.

It is now two days into the year 2023. And in two days, the children’s Christmas break will be over. Already I am missing the in-between days of Christmas and New Year. For me, they are the okay days – it’s okay to wake up late and wear pyjamas all day. It’s okay to be lazy and call it rest. It’s all right to order food and have late lunch. I am loving the cool climate and it’s okay to throw on a cozy sweater. These days are slow, but still making memories. I wish it’s Christmas again. ๐Ÿ™‚

Christmas okay days and making memories
Christmas morning
2022 was…

2022 was a weird year as we adjusted to our family’s first time without a helper for as long as 365 days. Thankfully, someone was available to clean and organize things once a week during the second half of the year. My eldest had the virus in September, a mild one by God’s grace – and due to vaccination (the kids got jabbed early in 2022) & vitamins. Speaking of health issues, in December, I unknowingly got Dengue. Good thing it’s me and not one of the kids; forcing me to rest for more or less a week. Also, I am glad I had it after the exams and the school Christmas parties. Plus, I am so grateful I didn’t need to be confined.

In the summer break of 2022, we brought our dogs out for the first time. We visited Crosswinds, Tagaytay. Then, on separate days, we camped overnight in Camp Well River Valley, Tanay. Here we pitched tents and cooked over open fire.

I am bummed that I didn’t get to reach my reading goal on Goodreads. Additionally, I didn’t get to blog as much, obviously. Two things I aim to correct this year. That is, if I manage my time well. In between chores I found myself choosing resting (sometimes napping, when I don’t before) and distractions over writing. Yes, distractions like Netflix, mobile games, and social media.

Find magic in the mundane.

That’s what I tell myself each time I feel overwhelmed with housework. I am blessed that the children help sometimes. I stop and look up at the sky as I hang the clothes, letting my imagination soar a little. The sounds of birds chirping make me feel like I’m in a fairytale. Haha! ๐Ÿ˜€

It’s the little things, the minute instances that make me smile or laugh. The small talks with my children, they make up some magical moments. Magical moments wherein I can feel the Lord’s love, His presence. These make up memories that I cherish, the reason I have this blog; to chronicle those memories.

New year, new blanket, same me.

I read this somewhere. โ€œEvery year you make a resolution to change yourself. This year, make a resolution to be yourself.” Do you agree? For me, it is good to be myself as I know that I cannot please everybody. It is better to be a better me, of course. But, it is best to be who God purposes me to be.

This new year, I am using the weighted blanket that my baby gave me for Christmas. You see, I have a hard time falling asleep. Thus, I am trying this out if it helps. So far, I fall asleep more quickly and feel more rested in the morning. The downside is also the weight, I have to be careful when lifting it or I could hurt my wrists. When folded, lying down on it feels like lying down on concrete. Read this article to see if it’s for you as well.

Oh, Cymple thing, where have you gone?

All I really wanted to say is, I wish to appreciate the simple things this 2023. And to keep things simple. To delve into the simple Truth – God’s Word. Enjoy the okay days and learn that okay days and a “cymplified” life are worth celebrating, too. Then, be eternally grateful!

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