A Fortuitous Event, Cymplified!

fortuitous event in taking multivitamins

An Itchy Dilemma

I am thankful that growing up, I am not allergic to any kind of food. Especially to peanuts, because I love nuts! But, sometimes, some things (or bodies) change. When I was pregnant with my youngest baby, I suddenly became allergic to shrimps, which I also love. It made me sad. I had to have a stash of anti-allergy meds that’s safe for pregnant women.

Later on, I gave birth and thankfully, it went away. Like my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in my first pregnancy. Yes!

But then, after a few years, mysterious rashes appeared on my back and anywhere else they travel to. They were terribly itchy. I had to pick up antihistamines again. 🙁

I went to the dermatologist and until now, we don’t know the specific cause. But it was not food. It was a relief… But also not. She said it had something to do with my nerve endings. It’s such a challenge because how does one treat damaged nerves? Somehow, this was something I had to accept as my fact of life, that I had to always have anti-allergy medicine. Again.

While that was going on, I stumbled upon a company that makes health & anti-aging products.

Quarantine Discovery #2

As I mentioned in my previous post, Becoming 40, I was experiencing disagreeable changes. I featured my Quarantine Discovery #1, my favorite device for my at-home facial treatment there. Now, I feel more confident in taking no-filter selfies. It’s really my best “skinvestment”! 😀

I knew that as I age, I would need to take better care of my health. It’s not a great feeling to be weak and tired most of the time. One of the ways is supplementing because I cannot get all the nutrients from food alone. I decided to try the Complete Multivitamins & Minerals that comes in a quartet of capsules in a sachet.

Have you ever experienced a fortuitous event? When you bought something for a specific purpose and then discovered that it also solves another problem? It’s like a happy accident (hey, Bob Ross), but it was not a mistake which causes the desirable effect.

My Fortuitous Event

This is what happened when I started taking the packet of multivitamins every day. Slowly, I realized that I am itching less. I saw that I didn’t need to take the antihistamines anymore. The rashes and redness subsided.

Not only am I getting the nutrients I need, and becoming healthier because of that, it’s such a fortuity that these “side effects” or side results, in my case, were also good.

fortuitous event in taking multivitamins

That really is some quality product right there. It’s really important to keep our health in check, especially when you’re a parent or a grown-up son/daughter… To better take care of our loves ones, as well.

If you have stumbled upon this post and want to be healthier, want your whole family to be healthier, comment below if you want to buy this. There is a children’s version of this, too. Two of my kids take it. 😀

Did you ever experience a fortuitous event? Care to share? 🙂 

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