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Becoming 40, Cymplified!

The day I turned 39, I had my first Quarantine Birthday. Celebrated with a huge mocha cake from Hizon’s. I forgot, though, what we ate for lunch and dinner. Ha ha! It was also an Easter Sunday. And then, I realized something. I was so close to becoming 40! (°0°) ->this is my shocked face

Changes due to aging?

That year, I thought I was doing okay while I was sheltering in place. I neither got Covid nor the flu (which I did almost every year because of my weak immune system), and I was thankful. Sometimes, though, I would feel trapped at home and nervous, but thought that was normal for people in lockdown. My children did not complain, so why should I? Right?

Yet, I noticed some negative changes in me. Even if I did not get too ill, my body was somewhat frail. The skin of my hands was peeling off and there was slight pain between my fingers. The bones inside were feeling stiff and maybe I was beginning to have arthritis? My back also ached and cramped, and probably the rest of my body, too; but I was afraid to go out and see a doctor. I even self-medicated when I couldn’t take the itch of my rashes anymore! 

My face was also getting worse. Lockdown meant no getting a facial at Facial Care Centre. Filters are my best friends in taking selfies. In August of 2020, I took a photo with my mom and her skin was better than my rough, acne-riddled and bumpy one. Can you see my gross forehead? >,<


I didn’t know what products to use and I don’t want to splurge on expensive ones. Because what if they, too, won’t work? It’s money down the drain. My old ones didn’t seem to do their jobs anymore! I even went as far as washing with just water. Yet, no moisturizer meant dry skin; again with the peeling. 🙁

Can you relate?

Are these manifestations of Quarantine Stress? Or do all these come with becoming 40?

Quarantine Discovery for Better Skin

These sad things went on until February of 2021. In March, I decided to try this Pore Minimizing Gadget I was introduced to. This is my video as I used it for the first time.

I can say that I love it! It is so worth the spend – I figured, if this doesn’t work, maybe nothing else will.

Nowadays, I get excited to shower because I look forward to washing my face with this gadget + its cleanser. Why do I love this Pore Minimizing Gadget? 🙂

  • My pores were truly minimized after one month of using.
  • It deep cleanses and at the same time is gentle.
  • My skin instantly feels soft and supple after washing.
  • I love that it massages and lightly lifts my face.
  • My forehead skin smoothened out.
  • The device is washable, thus I use it while showering.
  • The battery lasts about a month.
  • I don’t have to get a facial anymore, especially now that it’s not safe out there.

I’m happy that before becoming 40, I can confidently take selfies without filters. Before, I look at the mirror and smile in spite of my breakouts. Now, I look at the mirror and smile because of better skin. I believe that good skin starts with some good deep cleansing.

Do you also want to have better skin? Ask me about this Pore Minimizer now. 🙂

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