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Special Day in Quarantine, Cymplified!

A Special Day in Quarantine

Last month, April was my birth month. Many times in the past, it had fallen on a day during the Holy Week in the Philippines. Many times there were many establishments closed on my birthday (they open when it’s Easter, though). This year it fell on an Easter Sunday, yet many establishments were not open because of the Enhanced Community Quarantine. Sadly, I cannot get together with my parents and siblings.

It’s our family tradition to have a cake on someone’s birthday, to have candles to blow out. This tradition I have carried on in my own little family. Thus, days before my birthday, cake was on my mind. Cake, cake. Will I have cake?

My hubby went out that day, but he came home empty-handed. The popular cake shop Red Ribbon was closed, I believe. After his perusal of his smartphone, he headed out once more. This time, he came back bearing a huge rectangular box with mocha cake inside. And I think I had a huge smile on my face.

Of course, we had to take photos! We smiled into the lens of my husband’s camera and then into the lens of my phone. Neither did I organize a Zoom birthday party, nor blow out the candle using a hair dryer as I saw in some people’s Facebook posts. We had cake for days. I happily had many a slice with coffee.

Another Special Day in Quarantine

Second Sunday of May. It was Mother’s Day. Almost a month after my birthday. Another special day in quarantine since it was extended.

Hubby surprised me with a very pretty Mother’s Day cake. He’s as sweet as the cake in chocolate chiffon layered with strawberry filling and iced in buttercream. I gladly shared it with the children for our dessert.

It was a calm and relaxing Sunday with the occasional tapping on the phone. Reading and replying to greetings. Same as on my birthday, “liking” greetings and sometimes typing a quick word of thanks.

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman was quite entertaining. In the afternoon, I read the book as I reposed in our bedroom. Ms. Oliphant made me chuckle out loud with her weird ways. My fam must be wondering why I was laughing.

Mother’s Day dinner was prepared by hubby. Together with our eldest, they electric-grilled slices of hotdogs and wagyu cubes. Yummy! Yay for using one of our wedding gifts at last. Haha! 😀

Mother’s Day cake bought from Angel’s Town Café.

A Third Special Day

I was in charge of my Papa’s birthday cake this June, thus, I called Caramia and arranged for the cake to be delivered on his birthday at a certain time. It was easy peasy since they accept COD. Pictured below is the delicious and chocolatey cake I ordered. Celebrating with cakes really makes the celebrator feel quite special!

And then, this coming Sunday will be Father’s Day! I don’t have anything fancy in mind. Just that he could eat his favorite and delicious food.

How do you plan to celebrate your father or your kid/s’ daddy? What food do you have in mind?

So… Did you celebrate any special day in quarantine? If so, how was it? 🙂