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Learning Basic Calligraphy From Cher, Cymplified!

Calligraphy is so popular these days. There are even fonts being made out of calligraphy. It’s different from the Chinese calligraphy that I learned in high school, though. The calligraphy that people over at Instagram do is the art of decorative handwriting. It’s the way one writes a certain letter which makes it beautiful, a work of art in itself. I …

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Cultivate Children’s Creativity & Cultural Awareness at Museo Pambata, Cymplified!

One Saturday morning found Cayla, my youngest, and me back at Museo Pambata in Manila for a Bloggers’ Event I was invited to. Thank you for having me, Ms. Chie and Ms. Jiana! I love how her face lighted up upon entering the museum. She couldn’t wait to start exploring again! Truly, it’s a big playground. One area that was closed …

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Googly Gooeys Watercolor & Lettering Workshop, Cymplified!

I have been commenting on and following the blog of Googly Gooeys since… I don’t know when. I always find it amusing, light-hearted and I could relate with most of the topics. The colorful cartoons the creator Tippy illustrates make me crack a smile or giggle silently. If I laugh too loud, my children would peer into my screen and …

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collect your memories, create your masterpieces, cultivate your magnificence

Learning The Art Of Storytelling, Cymplified!

Thanks to my hubby Rix, I was able to go to The Art of Storytelling workshop. Thanks to Manila Workshops and GPG Bulilit Bookstore, I was able to go the workshop for free. It was a sunny Saturday. I was ready for a day of learning the art of storytelling, doing activities and shopping, as suggested in the email from …

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capture your moments, collect your memories, cultivate your magnificence

Halloween {2011}, Cymplified!

I cannot remember when commercialized Halloween and Trick-or-Treating started here in the Philippines. Thanks to @momblogger for the enlightening post. I have never donned a costume and went house-hopping asking for candies, I had only seen it done in movies. Why do people celebrate it anyway? If it’s supposed to be about the dead and scary stuff, why do people …

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