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Ogalala System In Play, Cymplified!

As I have mentioned in my previous post – Two Kids in School, my little boy, Caleb, is a very playful one. It just dawned on me that that’s how he learns, through playing. That is why I look forward to attending because I wish to learn about more ways to teach Caleb concepts while playing. I was also excited to gather tips on using his existing toys as educational tools.

Having three children strongly affirms the fact that each child is unique and learns at his or her own pace. Ogalala System in Play recognizes this, according to them:

While there are general ways that kids learn, one method may not always apply to another child. And as O. Ivar Lovaas, a child development expert, said: “If they can’t learn the way we teach, we teach the way they learn.”

Ogalala System In Play

I attended the short workshop with Caleb and I’m happy that he participated in the activities with the other children. He also answered questions from Teacher Maia, who talked about some simple tips on how to use my children’s toys to teach. For example:

  • Animal toys can be used to compare sizes.
  • Toys with letters can be used to teach sound of the alphabet.
  • Group activities with kids teach them how to take turns.

What is Ogalala?
Derived from the native American Indian term for an underwater irrigation system, Ogalala brings forth life for kids in the form of play, fashion, and exploration. It is a brand that lets kids be kids, helps parents connect and bond with their children, and encourages physical, intellectual, language, social & emotional development by introducing brands that cater to age-appropriate milestones.

Brands under Ogalala include:

  • Crayola
  • Melissa & Doug
  • Animal Planet & Discovery Kids
  • Baby Einstein
  • Artec
  • COG
  • Emco
  • Canal

If one is new to the mommying scene, investing in these toys and products that grow with the child is a good idea.

I attended the workshop for preschoolers since my boy is 4 years old. Here is the development milestones guide that I can look at as reference.

Preschooler 4y from Ogalala System

It started with a video introduction welcoming us to the world of Ogalala.

Ogalala workshop

Here’s Teacher Maia talking about how children learn and Ogalala.

Ogalala workshop

Caleb did one of the activities where he matches the letter to the picture of an object that begins with that same letter.

Ogalala workshop

At the store with toys and art materials, he’s drawn to the animals on the shelves.

Ogalala workshop

There’s an art room where kids can try out samples from Crayola and draw to their heart’s content.

Ogalala workshop

This is the artsy room where imagination soars. Ogalala workshop

He’s trying out the window crayon on the glass panel above the wall. Ogalala workshop

It was an informative and helpful workshop that I’m sure other moms like me would want to attend. Here’s the schedule of the last two workshops in September.

Ogalala System schedule - Jul-Sep

I enjoyed learning and browsing the toys, but I especially enjoyed the company of my playful Caleb.

For more information, visit; more about the workshop in Manila Workshops’ post.

So moms, what do you think about the Ogalala System in Play? Do you already do something like this with your little ones?


  1. This sounds interesting. I’ve never heard of it before. Learning through play is something that even we as adults should practice doing.

  2. Wow! This is such a great workshops for parents who have little ones like me.. Too bad walang ganyan sa Palawan..

  3. Oh, how I love to try this for my youngest daughter!

    1. Yes, I think this coming Saturday there’s one.

      1. Aww, hope there will be another sked. Me and my daughter is attending a photo workshop this Saturday…
        Sol Razo recently posted..Bench Skin Expert Introduces Thermage

  4. Oh my gosh, Yuri would go wild kung nanjan sya! I’m shocked na mabasa yung pedaling as one of the milestones; yun pala, by 4 years old pa. Whew! I sure hope someone brings this workshop to Davao!
    Maan recently posted..Yuri’s Booboo, Victoria Osteen, and Other Stories

    1. Hehe! Sorry, I posted the chart that’s applicable for my 4-year-old.

  5. Looks like my kids will have a lot of fun here, since they enjoy drawing and painting on my walls hehe
    joyastilla recently posted..Breastfeeding Unfriendly Hospital and so much more!

  6. M

    I like their system, might send my baby there 😉
    M recently posted..Resort Wear – OOTD

  7. I’m excited to attend the workshop om Saturday. I’m sure we will learn a lot and Rylee will love it too. 🙂

  8. I would love to take my 3-yr old son (also named Caleb) to one of their workshops. Thanks for the idea!

  9. We are excited for our sched this month!

  10. I’m so happy I was able to attend an Ogalala workshop too. It really was packed full of information. I’m excited to explore the activities so that I can do them with my son.
    Janice / The Roller Coaster Ride recently posted..Disney XD is now on Cignal TV – Watch it. Live it!

  11. Crayolaaa!!!

    most brands Ogalala carries, we have here at home 🙂
    Mommy Pehpot recently posted..2014 Breast Cancer Awareness Facebook Game

  12. Jen

    Thanks for the information. I wanted to try this for James eh. I thought this is only for toddlers. Good thing meron pang infants. Hihi! =)
    Jen recently posted..Starvoice 2014 at Active Fun in BGC

  13. These are the kinds of toys that I would insist we get for Little MrC when he was younger. Back then, though, you couldn’t find a lot of good educational toys here, so we had them bought from the States. So nice that there are great play systems like Ogalala that you can easily find in Manila now.
    Patty | MrsC recently posted..The Bento Mommas Meet The Alabang Moms #Crafternoon Group

    1. Yeah, I agree there’s not plenty of educational toys before.

  14. read about this before and I thought wala na. glad you posted the schedules. i might attend the infant class soon. i think i practice na the basics like using toys for colors, size comparison, etc. but i want to learn some more.
    Paulline recently posted..Buying Baby Shoes

  15. Exactly ,children have to enjoy learning… We did not have something like this, when my kid was a bit younger, but we encouraged the play and exploration type of learning in the house. Children’s critical thinking is highly developed that way.
    Pier Angeli B. Ang Sen recently posted..That “AmSpeak for Kidz” Summer

  16. I hope they hold workshops here in the South, would love to bring my son!

  17. Little kids these days are lucky to have these workshops focused to help them. More power to Ogalala and to your blog 🙂
    TweenselMom recently posted..Anti-Dengue Wristband – Para’Kito – A Worthy Investment

    1. They sure are! Thank you, Lani!

  18. I drool over those books and art supplies more than my daughter does! Haha. Would have loved having her join those free workshops, too. Now, if only they have that here in Cebu…
    Pam / Hey, Miss Adventures! recently posted..READ: Whipeye Plus A Shared Giveaway

  19. would like to attend this! my daughter is very playful and loves learning and i know she will definitely enjoy their workshop. 🙂
    Aine Garcia recently posted..On Educational Field Trips, Waivers, and Student’s Safety

  20. I attended this workshop too! I agree, kids can learn so much through play. I’m a huge follower of learning through play and exploration instead of putting my kids in front of the telly.
    Kim Reyes recently posted..How We’re Taking Charge of Our Finances

    1. I know! Using their hands and eyes in building something or playing open-ended toys are better than the telly.

  21. We attended one of their workshops too, in Megamall, although it seems it’s more fun in their center. Did you check out their clearance sale? I can’t this time because of budget constraints, so I hope there’ll be another one later this year
    rina recently posted..“Oh, the things they tell you!” – Superstitions and unusual beliefs

    1. I think there was a sale going on, but the kids have so many toys already! 🙂

  22. Ogalala shows the importance of learning through play in the formative years.
    emiliana recently posted..Breeze holds 1 Laba Day to fight 1 Million Stains in 1 Wash

  23. Maricel

    Hope there will be one close to Taguig 🙂
    Maricel recently posted..Three Years

  24. awts… I attended this workshop too and sayang we were on different classes 🙁
    I love their toys, really educational.
    Nerisa / Baby Neo’s Mama recently posted..DOH Free Vaccines This September

    1. I know! We need open-ended toys to enhance their imagination.

  25. I’ve read so many reviews about Ogalala System and if I have a toddler I would definitely enroll him/her in Ogalala. I also believe that children learn through play, parang Montessori lang.
    Michi recently posted..Rainbow Cupcake

  26. This is a great tip. Maybe i’ll take my son one of these days 🙂

  27. I’ve read several other blog posts about the Ogalala System and I really think my pre-school daughter would enjoy the workshop. But oh, it’s so far! We live here in Batangas and blog events are almost always held in the metro. *sigh*
    Nathalie recently posted..The Start of my Writing Career!

    1. Awww… That’s too bad! I hope next time the workshops will have runs in the South, or North. 🙂

  28. I wish I knew about Ogalala way back Kweky’s pre-school days he started attending school at age 2 since our Pedia recommended that to lessen his hyperactivity due to his ADHD. Most of his teachers would react on how he can’t stop asking a lot of questions. Maybe if we knew about this he can definitely enjoy it. 🙂
    Razel Miranda recently posted..Happy Birthday to the King of POP!

  29. Looks like McKenzie would love to join this workshop. I hope we can bring her to one of the sessions.
    Dulce Ansis recently posted..Hi-5 House Hits! Live in Manila

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