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Steps Forward, Cymplified!

Hello, friends! And hi, 2021! Peek-a-boo! Surprise! From a filtered Cym. đŸ˜‰



26 days into 2021. We’ve made it to another year. We have made it a thousand and more steps forward. It’s not without blood, sweat, or tears, though. Literally and figuratively. As it was a uniquely challenging year when lives were lost and marriages were tested. Anxiety was through the roof. People forced themselves to change their habits.

I thank the Lord for my life; being alive means I must still have a purpose. By God’s will. Primarily, He’s the one who allowed me to take steps forward into the next chapter. But, what carried me? What, can you say, spurs you on to your now?

I have felt trapped as if I’m in a cage, and anxious. Disappointment hurt like a battering ram to my heart. Bad feelings are difficult to process. To process them, I need to be intentional.

Steps forward with intention

Indeed, it takes an effort to be intentional. Being intentionally grateful, I have to use a figurative telescope, a pair of binoculars and a microscope. The telescope to see the twinkling bright spots in the inky black sky. Binoculars to watch the sunset paint the twilight with pink hues. Microscope allows me to see inside me as amazing as a handful of stardust.

Being intentionally appreciative of what surrounds me; the smells, the sounds, the tastes that please or assault me. I appreciate the childlike voices of my children, their soft skin. My hand curled inside the warm and bigger hand of my husband makes me smile. It’s the little things in the everyday life that help carry us to the next page.

Our heart-hands hold these precious memories close, ethereal yet so ephemeral (I love these words!:-))

lives now, steps forward - a reminder
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What kept me going in 2020?

It’s training myself to keep focusing on these precious memories. On small yet special moments. Like I mentioned above:

  • Gratitude
  • Appreciation, also,
  • Journaling, or just writing down what happened each day, what I felt
  • Taking time to breathe, think, reminisce; and most importantly,
  • Lord Jesus as my anchorage, finding hope and peace in Him. Crying out to Him is such a relief!

What kept YOU going in 2020?

Continue doing them. Maybe it’s resting and taking a break in-between chores. Taking one step a day, one day at a time. Even if just one goal a day was achieved. Praying.

Is it giving yourself grace? Forgiving yourself? Doing something that makes you happy; like trying out a food trend, reading a book, drawing, remotely helping a cause you believe in, or playing a video game. Eating delicious food is enjoyable, isn’t it? đŸ˜›

What others steps forward will you take this year? This day?