Changes are Staying, Cymplified!

changes are staying

This pandemic is asking, nay, forcing us to change. When our health is at stake, we can do nothing but go along with these changes. And these changes are staying for sure.

Because of CoViD-19, changes are happening in different aspects of our lives.

  • We pay our bills online. Businesses are moving online and are reliant on delivery services.
  • Food and other household needs are being delivered to avoid going out. It’s scary to dine out, too. So, we wouldn’t need to wear that thigh shaper yet, would we? 😉 thigh-shaper
  • In socializing, we are reduced to relying on technology. Like Wifi, like messaging applications or the Zoom app.
  • When it comes to work, it is preferable to do it online if possible. But if our line of work requires us to be physically present, then distancing must be implemented. Of course, wearing of masks, avoiding the touching of our faces, and hand-washing are vital.
  • But for people who don’t have the resources, they are facing loss of jobs as some businesses chose to close, and starvation. 🙁

Preparing for Changes

No one can really prepare for a pandemic with a novel coronavirus, but we could somehow prepare for the changes it will bring.

Nowadays, some people dedicate a space in their home as their office. Work materials need to be in one place for efficiency. When using the Zoom application and showing our faces in real time for work or with friends, we’d want to look presentable. Even just wearing a cheap mini dress, where it’s business at the top and party at the bottom. I went on Zoom meetings a few times. I showered first, brushed my hair and put on BB cream & lip balm.


When we need groceries, we look for a reliable supermarket that can deliver as soon as possible. For me, going on a physical grocery run is like going into battle. We need to gear up with a mask, a face shield for some, gloves for others, a washable or waterproof bag for our necessities. A bottle of disinfecting alcohol, of course. Then, as we get home, a shower right away is needed.

In times like these, health must be prioritized. We need to have healthy food on our table and take nutritional supplements. I just gotta take my vitamins daily and drink vegetables+fruit freshly juiced. Getting sunlight and physical exercise are recommended.

As changes stay, stay patient.

Surely, we cannot wait to be with our friends again. To dine out again. Attend parties. And travel to lovely places once more. We want to be able to leisurely stroll through parks and museums. I, for one, miss visiting the bookstore. Some can hardly wait to don nice going-out underwear and thigh shaper from HexinFashion under chic outfits.


But, for now, let’s stay patient. Let’s keep ourselves and each other safe. Let’s pray for healing, and for the world to cope. May we all find hope and rest in Jesus Christ.

What are your thoughts on the changes this pandemic is causing?

Disclaimer: This is a paid post.

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