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Adulting, Cymplified!

Define Adulting

{from Google} Adulting – (informal) behaving in a way characteristic of a responsible adult, especially by accomplishing mundane but necessary tasks.

But… It’s not yet added to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. It’s a word they’re watching, though. 

I am today years old when I learned that “adult” is also a verb. Nowadays, when people act responsible like paying the bills, they’d say they’re “adulting”. Do you use this word as well?

So, happy new year, adults!

adulting doodles
adulting = remembering to bring the umbrella, enjoying coffee, love for yourself, love and responsibility for your pets, needing glasses, washing neverending laundry, enjoying alcoholic drinks, exercising, etc.


My journey to adulthood

I think that adults (not all) are somehow skeptical. They would welcome the new year with hope for good changes and positivity that these changes will stick. But deep inside, they seem to believe that things often stay the same. 

At almost 40, it’s only now that I’m feeling my age. Yes, the silver hairs, jelly muscles and stiff bones. And yes, I am adulting, paying the bills before the deadline – most of the time. 

After I graduated college, I didn’t feel like an adult yet. Sure I was working, but I’m still under my parents’ roof. My salary wasn’t enough to help pay for the utilities nor the grocery. I was going steady, going on dates, having fun.

After I got married, it seemed like I was just playing house and having a long term sleepover. We were only starting to figure out the things that work for us. My husband and I were young parents, still clueless. 

It is only after my third child that I see myself as a mother. A real, responsible one who gives her best for the benefit of her children, her family. An “adulting” mom. Many times I am still clueless, but I learn as I go along this journey.

So, I’m an adult. I know I am because. 

A list of signs one is adulting

When you try to be frugal and practical. That the not hiyang formula of your baby must not go to waste, thus you use it as coffee creamer. But it was a mistake because the concoction tasted terrible! Yes, I did that. 😮

Others’ opinions of you matter less and less. You have accepted that you cannot please everyone. They’d see you as a rebel, but you just want peace of mind.

The generation/s before you are growing weak, sickly, and some have already passed away, sadly. 🙁

Recognizing one’s seasons. My different seasons as a parent: being pregnant, bearing children in a span of five years and now, child-rearing.

Grateful to the Lord for many things and for loved ones. In the process of accepting myself and appreciating myself, a creation of God.

As I am grateful, I am valuing family, faithful friends, love, peace in my heart the most.

Being empathetic and conscientious as citizens of Earth. Helping our planet in ways, although small, but important. Which will leave our children and grandchildren with a better world.

What can you add to this list?