Start Anew, Cymplified!

start anew begin again

start anew, begin again

In 2016, I started a project called Joyful Days. It’s a collection of watercolor calendar inserts for my Starbucks planner this year. I will show them to you guys soon.

Positivity may be my word for the year. I think I am negative, to my kids and especially to myself. I want to choose love, to focus on the good. Sounds easy, right? Yet it is hard heart♥work. Many times I have failed. I have criticized. I have made myself cry.

It’s a new year. Therefore, let’s start anew. God gave me another chance to begin again.

start anew begin again

I want to use this opportunity to live joyful days. Joyful days do not mean perfect days. They are Jesus-filled days. Days that find me grateful for everything and sometimes, wish to get away from everything. Yet, always holding on to Jesus.

Some days, I feel like I have things figured out.
1. Read the Bible, learn more about God.
2. Live for Him.
3. Teach His Word to my children.
4. Share the verses and His love to others.

Most days, mundane life gets in-between reading the Bible and living for the Lord. Homework gets in the way of teaching God’s Word to my kids. But, pursuing God cannot be separated from mundane life. As this book inspired me to think so.

 1 Corinthians 10:31 (NIV)
So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.

joyful days

Joyful days mean the moments that I’m doing the best I can at the things that I need to do; to find time to do what I enjoy doing and cherishing everything in-between.

Whether I spend a morning alone in a coffee shop, or reconnecting with friends over a meal, radiating warmth and understanding is my goal. There are too many judgmental people in the world, I wish to not be one of them. Consequently, I know that I would need God’s grace and strength to accomplish anything.

Showing love, taking note of the positive, relaxing in the Lord are some of the things I need to be reminded of. I guess that is why I dreamed up the idea of making these calendar inserts and blank lists.

Here is a sneak peek.

How was your new year? Do you have a word for 2017? What do you plan to change?

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