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Press Play On April, Cymplified!

It’s as if I went on an intentional blog hiatus. Already, words and stories are building up inside my head, waiting to burst out through my fingertips.

Press play on April

In reality, there was a problem with my blog for days. Then, April rolled in and I became occupied packing for our family’s annual trip. All the while, taking our youngest to her ballet classes at Ballet Manila… And getting back to good health and shape with the hubby.

Learning ballet. #summer2017 #cymplifiedmoments

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After early mornings at the gym, we rush home to prepare: he for work, I, together with Cayla, for the ballet classes.

Then, the calories returned. I celebrated my birthday dinner with my family, my parents and li’l brother with steaks at Meat Depot. I only got to blow out my candle on my Red Ribbon mocha cake on Easter Sunday evening, a day after we came back from the beach.

Yes, from the Royal Villa, Balesin island where we ate buffet-style meals every time. It made dieting difficult, at least for me.

Letters to my Children

I brought books, a watercolor paint set and a watercolor pad to our vacation. I had the romantic idea of quietly reading or painting by the beach. But, moms know that didn’t quite happen the way I envisioned.

I read a few pages because I didn’t have an hour to spare. I did a quick watercolor, yes. It needed to be quick because the sun was already so hot, and the children didn’t have breakfast yet. This was the result.


One of the books was the locally published Letters to my Children, which I won from a giveaway ran by The Googly Gooeys. It’s a collection of thoughtful letters from 35 parents. It would be great to read most of them to my kids before bedtime! I love the wisdom and encouragement other parents impart.


What would you say if you had the time and the chance to pen a special letter to your beloved children?

This question at the back of the book begs to be answered. Well, I started writing in a notebook my own letters addressed to my children. So far, I have two entries. I realized that there are a lot of things I want to tell my kids. Topics range from love, to taking care of themselves, chasing their dreams, etc.

Pictured is the design I did in the notebook for the said letters. I used watercolor. Speaking of letters, behind it is the book I am currently reading. Love and Gravity by Samantha Sotto.

So that’s my April so far! I wish time would slow down… I don’t want to press play on May.

How is April going for you guys?