staycation room during inter-May-ssion
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Inter-May-ssion {What’s That Word?}, Cymplified!

What is inter-May-ssion?

I remember saying, in my previous post, that I wish I could press pause on May. It may look like I did because this blog was quiet for the whole month of May. There was a long inter-May-ssion. See what I did there?  😀

What happened? Well…

Cray-cray May!

When May came in, our helper went out and had a two-week vacation. Hubby and I teamed up for the household chores. The littlest one’s ballet classes were still ongoing. Nobody’s going to stay at home with the other two, therefore, I had to let them tag along. It was just me with three kids, in a mall. Imagine that!

I am grateful, though, that we got to celebrate Mother’s Day weekend via a stay at Marco Polo Hotel Ortigas. For a couple of days, I did not need to worry about cleaning the house or my family’s meals. Thankfully, there was someone who could feed our dogs. My brother let me use one of his vouchers to book a room at a lower price.

Yay for this stay!

What our room looked like: I wonder what the kids were chatting about in this meeting by the window. We placed the two corner chairs together to make another bed. I am happy that the bathroom has a bathtub!

Breakfast was not included in the room rate, thus, I availed of the Continental Club package. It came with two breakfasts, snacks and cocktails (which my husband Rix and I didn’t take advantage of anymore). For dinner, we went out, walked around the block and found ourselves at McDonald’s.

After breakfast on the 44th floor, the children went on a swim at the indoor pool. Our request for late checkout was granted and before leaving, the receptionist gave me a white edible rose for Mother’s Day.

A view of the hotel lobby: These are the three reasons for celebrating this occasion.

Away we go!

In the midst of this craziness, Rix received a phone call that changed the course of the month. The two of us were presented with an opportunity to visit South Africa. We took it; missed the recital, arranged for childcare (thank you so much, Mama!) and packed our suitcases.

Here, we posed with the South African flag on Table Mountain.

South Africa flag

It’s my first time to go out of the country with Rix, and without the children. I’ll post about this trip soon, after I blog about Balesin.

How are you doing? Where did you go on your latest trip?