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Dishwashing, Cymplified!

Days like these, when our household is devoid of a helper, I should be an expert in washing dishes. It is a nonstop chore, after all. I keep these reminders in mind, tips that either a family member told me or I read somewhere.


• rinse everything
• take a sponge with dishwashing soap and do the cups & glasses first
• then the cutlery comes next
• third are the bowls and plates
• the pots and pans come last, the greasiest of them all
• rinse everything again
The following are steps I do and are optional:
• run fingers across the plates, pots & pans, and especially plastic containers if you have used them to check if there’s still oil
• smell the cups, glasses or bottles if they have scents of food on them

Constant washing could lead to very dry hands and cracked fingertips, so applying lotion often is recommended.

I also find dishwashing therapeutic for me. I get to be alone with my thoughts, and compose random blog posts such as this.

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  1. Malou

    Another tip that I do with greasy plates, especially plastic wares, is soak them in hot water first to loosen up the grease 🙂

    1. cazzapoeia

      Thanks for the tip! 🙂

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