Miss Ceemee and Shopback, Cymplified!

miss ceemee and shopback

I believe that there is an Alternate Reality (or many) and that somewhere in that/those parallel universe/s is another version of me. Decisions that differ from my original choices birthed the multiverses, I like to think. For example, there is a version of an unmarried me, had I not known my now-hubby. She is, needless to say, still a Miss Ceemee… And Shopback is one of her friends. I imagine she’s living by herself at the age of almost 40.

Miss Ceemee

A night in the life of

The sun dips on the horizon, she sees from the only small rectangle window of her 7th floor studio unit. From her small desk with a laptop and a pink metal water bottle on it. The grey and white blackout curtain is pulled to the side. A mix of orange, pink, purple and deep blue colors the sky for a few minutes. And then the yellow-orange glowing orb disappeared from view. She stretches and thinks, it’s time to kick off her shoes, figuratively. She works from home as an editor, you see. For her, it’s an ideal set-up during this pandemic.

The almost black blanket with pins of light – the stars – draped over her side of the world. It’s time to make dinner for one in the kitchenette opposite the window. She puts on a dusty-pink apron, then peers into her small ref. Pasta dishes are easy to make, and it allows her to experiment with ingredients. Fortunately, she is fond of tomatoes! And it’s a good thing it’s easy to get ingredients delivered just with a few taps on the mobile phone. Firstly, she’ll visit Shopback, check there for discount coupons, then find her suking store from there, and that is LazMart of Lazada.

Miss Ceemee and Shopback

Afterwards, this other version of Miss Ceemee perches on the grey sofa bed beside a floor lamp along the wall across from her desk, legs crossed knees over feet, flipping her book to its bookmark, sans the apron. While she digests her scrumptious dinner, plus dessert, of course. I would imagine that like me, she enjoys reading (and dessert!). She’s happy that she could buy from her favorite bookstores on the Shopee app, which she also tapped through Shopback, where she also looks for weekly deals. Sometimes, she misses going into a physical bookstore, getting books off the shelves and reading the blurb on the backs. But no matter, she could still sniff the new books she purchases, right? 😉

Miss Ceemee and Shopback

Who (or what) in the world is Shopback?

This editor also has a dream of being an author. It was her childhood dream, actually. The reason she got a job as a book editor in the first place. Miss Ceemee attends online writing courses, and for these, she dresses up. She again goes to her friend, Shopback the app, before going to Zalora – an online clothing store. What is a good outfit for writing? She wonders. After all, Jo March of Little Women had her “scribbling suit” – a black wool pinafore with a matching cap that has a red bow. Her own style would most probably be more comfortable than Jo’s, and in a fabric suitable for Philippine weather.

Miss Ceemee and Shopback

While browsing on the Zalora app, she turns on her Spotify, chooses a playlist called Shopping Music: Clothing Store Songs. (Yes! There is such a playlist! Search it.) Pretends she’s in H&M, gazing at racks of tops, pants, and dresses; and pulls down interesting ones by their black hangers.

What is the Shopback application then? According to the Shopback blog:

Shopback is a Cashback reward platform that allows savvy shoppers to earn a portion of their online spending as Cashback. We get all the best deals and discounts from our favorite online stores and earn Cashback that we can easily pay out to our bank account.

This means that Miss Ceemee gets a percentage of her expenditure back. This then gets deposited into her bank account as it reaches a certain amount. Isn’t it great? She’s glad that she could get money back while buying her needs and wants; and she periodically shares the site or application to her friends. Sabi nila, “a Piso saved is a Piso earned”. 🙂

She then brings out a camel-colored leatherette-bound notebook. For 15 minutes, Miss Ceemee strung letters then words then sentences together. The soft sound of frantic scritch-scratching fills her ears. It’s her journal for the novel she’s been working on.

Goodnight, Miss Ceemee.

Now, she’s getting ready for bed and then gets her bed ready. After donning her dusty-pink checked matching pajamas, she pulls forward the back of her trusty grey sofa and pushes it back then down to make it flat, revealing the twin-size bed. She unrolls her bedding set and lies down, slowly drifting into slumber in the dark, knowing she’s a step closer to the fulfillment of her dream.

Well, this is just me, fleshing out a what-if-I-was-single scenario. However, I use the Shopback app in reality. I have cashed out thrice in the past four years.

So then, I am excited to share it to you, too, my friends! Sign up on Shopback using my referral link and you help me earn a bonus. Click on my link, https://app.shopback.com/jD0fL5kh8db, please. Or, if needed, my referral code is Ces3sJ. Thanks!

A reminder. Just always remember to open the Shopback app and tap on your fave store from there to track. Do that from your laptop or computer as well!

Are you getting Shopback to get cash back on your online purchases? Let me know! 🙂

Notes: This is my entry to the Shopback Blogging Contest. 
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