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Quarantine Scene, Cymplified!

The Quarantine Scene

by Cym

Elements of the Quarantine Scene
are subjective, are various.
To not dwell on this COVID-19,
the heart must not be anxious.

The body be busy and mind keen,
organize and keep home clean.
Consume your book pile, or magazine,
while sipping on hot caffeine.
I myself prefer the coffee bean.
Sometimes tea, or something green.
Some guys work out to keep themselves lean.
Many spend time with their kin.

So, what is your scene this quarantine?
Wash your hands, keep them pristine. :-)
quarantine scene, #stayhomestaysafe
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It’s as if I somehow stumbled in the dark, asleep or not, and then stepped through a portal into another dimension. A dystopian alternate universe. It’s all so surreal… Felt like this happens only in other countries or in movies. Last year, I never would have thought that I’d stay home for weeks, for months most likely, because of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Enhanced Community Quarantine, which started last March 17.

Being quarantined here at home, I can only imagine how chaotic the situations in hospitals could be. Doctors, nurses and healthcare workers also getting sick; some lost their lives. Would a band of deprived yet uninfected people rise up and forage for food through looting?

In the movies, people in the quarantine scene panic or go crazy because they are:

  • Trapped.
  • Starved.
  • Infected.
  • Anxious.
  • Always refereeing their children’s quarrels. (JK! nah! I don’t see this in films.)

The Pandemic Topic

Those movies show the worst cases. Violence? Check. Zombies? Check. Famine? Check.

But, right now, the streets are not that empty. Because of the healthcare workers, the officers of the law, and the few individuals allowed to buy necessities like food and medicine. From the supermarkets, pharmacies, etc. Also the delivery people and vans that transport goods. Most people are home, I believe. It is imperative that the sick and elderly stay at home to avoid getting infected; it’s worse for them. There are others, though, who violate the curfew in place.

Cases in the country continue to rise as more test kits come in. Most companies stopped working, thus, their employees do not have jobs as of now. And so, there’s less money to buy necessities. Small businesses suffer, too. And so do some individuals’ mental health.

I do not plan on violating anything, or going near anyone; but I do get cabin fever. Somehow, I get restless. Not that I am an extrovert, but I get longings. A longing for experiences – to get dressed and, with my family, go out to the mall, cinema or restaurant. I long to go on a date with the hubby or have me-time in a coffee shop. When this is over, I will visit my parents and then go on an out-of-town trip.

I wish I could step back into the dimension I came from. When my eldest will have a proper graduation ceremony and then we’ll be off on a summer trip. To a time when people can go visit their family and friends spontaneously, when they could embrace or bump fists.

The Grateful Hopeful

In this modern time, we take for granted some luxuries other people could only imagine. A smartphone or other gadgets, a Netflix subscription, an Internet connection, ref for storing food, the air conditioner. Utilities like electricity, water, communication. And more.

I am grateful for all these, and that each family member is at home. Thankful for my hubby who allows me to indulge in book-reading. Both of us, together with our eldest drove to Manila one night. While there was no community quarantine yet, just a smattering of people had face masks on, and sprays of alcohol were our only defense. We pushed our shopping cart around displays and displays of books at the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale. Resulting to a stash of books, increasing my TBR pile. Which excites me. Stories to look forward to.

Potterheads, or Harry Potter fans, could still enjoy Harry Potter activities even after the books were read. Know more about Harry Potter at home while you are at home. 😛

The technological luxury that we have allows us to explore without leaving our shelters, the quarantine scene. We could:

I’m trying to be hopeful and praying that this worldwide dilemma will stop, drop and roll away into oblivion. God is my Anchor, trusting in Him and reading His Word keep me from going crazy for my longings.

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There are times I feel trapped and nervous. I need to:

  • Take deep breaths.
  • Remind myself that this shall pass.
  • Do something I enjoy.
  • Do something productive. Learn.
  • Remember that this is for everybody’s safety, especially my parents’ and my children’s.
  • See that my kids are not complaining, so why should I? I am grateful that they are taking this in stride.

How are you at this moment? What are your thoughts during this uncertain time? What keeps you from being anxious?


  1. Beautiful article! the reconnection definitely hit home. I haven’t been on social media for many years but the pandemic really opened my eyes from now on i will be reaching out my love ones regularly to let them know they’re love and i care. great message.
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