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Bible Gateway Review, Cymplified!

For Christians, the Bible is the basis of our faith and it’s how God communicates with us. In these modern times, most people utilize technological equipment like laptops or mobile phones to consume information. Bible Gateway is one site that aims to merge together the Bible and technology for everyone’s access. For this blog, I utilize Bible Gateway to insert Bible verses into my posts. This is my Bible Gateway review of the revamped website.

Bible Gateway review: website

Upon opening the page, we can see right away the important things. The main page of Bible Gateway shows the verse of the day. It allows us to subscribe and get the daily verse by email. Links on the left panel take us to various pages like devotionals and its store. We can easily search the Bible and its versions at the middle top part for specific verses or topics.

Bible Gateway has an app we could download if we wish to have it in our mobile. The other links at the bottom lead us to know more about the site, tutorials, their social media and other preferences. You can even switch to Spanish version!

I clicked on the ‘Devotionals’ under the ‘Explore More’ link on the left. A long list of devotionals appeared. Two panels of them. One has only text and links, under various categories, and doesn’t capture much attention. The other side, the Bible Gateway Plus Premium Devotionals for Bible Gateway Plus members, has a list of devos accompanied by thumbnail pictures, which I find pleasing and makes me want to read them.


Bible Gateway review: design

The layout is very simple and functional. But like me, if you find it too unembellished, you can click on the link that brings you back to its classic site, on the upper left corner, right below the word Bible Gateway.

Yet, I like the new version because the former one is too disorganized for me. I just wish there was a calming and attractive logo image to gaze upon or a minimalist but related photo for each category or link. In addition, it’s well that the site uses its brand color for the sidebar and there’s plenty of white space when not looking at the red part. It’s also good that the ad banner is minimal and occupies little space.

In conclusion, Bible Gateway is a good site if you wish to read more Bible, search verses, and utilize devotionals to help your spiritual growth. By subscribing to the devotionals, your progress can then be recorded. It’s an easy enough site to navigate that caters to everyone.

Is this a Bible website that you would use? Why? 🙂