A poem called “Our Love”, Cymplified!

"God Gave Me You" doodle for a poem called "Our Love"

When I was much younger, I loved to compose poems. Especially ones that rhyme. I have the notebook to prove it.

As I read it now, they seem childish and shallow. But, it felt great to create and create, even without showing them to anyone. I didn’t need any approval.

Recently, when I write poems or draw or paint using watercolor, these ideas do not flow as well as before. There’s something hindering me from even starting and taking the first step. Probably myself or the doubt that it will be “liked” on social media or the uncertainty that it will look like what I had imagined.

A quick lettering I did, inspired by a song I heard on the radio.

Today, Valentine’s Day, I decided to share a poem called “Our Love”.

OUR LOVE by Ceemee

Come and go the seasons of life
Come rain or come shine
I'll be yours and
You'll be mine

There's a bond between us
That can never be broken down
In your spirit I reside
In your soul I drown

I know we're meant to be
This love so strong
Together we have the power
To overcome every wrong

Let's make a difference
Both you and I
Let's make the world beautiful
Pleasing to the eye

Our love will grow
Trust this as time passes by
Even if everything is through
Our love will never die

Today’s an ordinary day. The children went to school, but not before I gave them allowances. Our air conditioner got some love with cleaning. Lunch was of leftovers with my husband. And tonight, we finally watched the movie The Nutcracker and the Four Realms. I loved it, predictable and straightforward yet adventure-filled and colorful.

Also, I did receive a bouquet from my sister-in-law and her hubby, it’s their tradition.

Well, however you spent this Day of Hearts, hope it was filled with love and meaningful moments.

What do you love about Valentine’s?

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