Playing Dress-Up Last October, Cymplified!

I think that playing dress-up is innate in every child; most of them wouldn’t hesitate to don wings or capes. Is it their idea of fun or they just want to escape reality for a while? I read somewhere that children have things figured out. I would add that they could get away with it, too!

That’s how my kids are. I remember my boy wearing my Ugg boots, an upside-down Jollibee bucket as his helmet and a sword in his hand. Here is my youngest, dressing up as a princess, then a ballerina.

playing dress-up


One occasion that allows them, or even us grown-ups, to go out in public wearing costumes is Halloween.

Our family isn’t big on Halloween. It’s okay for us to not go trick-or-treating. The kids weren’t super insistent.

Then, we were invited to an event and my hubby agreed. Can you guess why?

A day before, the three kids and I trooped to Fisher Mall to hunt for costumes. It was tiring because we even included the girls’ footwear. Additionally, we ate snacks and went to the restroom. Oh, and we also took home these.

playing dress-up eating donuts


Getting goodies just for playing dress-up

We were ready on October 30. With bags all packed and costumes all worn, we headed out to EDSA Shangri-La Hotel. Alice in Wonderland – the theme. Spooky Monstercation – the name. A show, activities and goody bags – the game. For that afternoon, they were someone else.

playing dress-up @ EDSA Shangri-La lobby


Our angel, Woody and Elsa gamely posed for the camera. Hey, their dad’s the photographer!

playing dress-up pretend tea party


It’s not yet Halloween. It’s not technically trick-or-treating as in going from house to house. The little ones got candies, sure. But, for me, the event was like a kiddy birthday party. There was a host and entertainment, also different photo booths. Kids could join various activities.

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with Alice in Wonderland characters


There were loot bags; and a buffet tables full of snacks. Except the fact that all these weren’t free.



The place was a visual treat. I wonder if the kids felt like they were in Wonderland.

There were areas like this where they got to exercise their creativity.


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It was the children’s first time to attend a Halloween event in costumes, it was also their first time on a trampoline.


Even the teachers from Clayton Learning Center were really getting into character in their elaborate costumes and set-up. They manned the coloring and painting station. There was also a storytelling session spoken in Mandarin Chinese.

playing dress-up with teachers


It seemed that the children enjoyed. I am glad that they weren’t out under the sun and the place was air-conditioned. Also, we had a room where we rested our tired legs and feet. Yay!

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