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The Master and Her Piece: Kim of Wynne’s Cakes, Cymplified!

Try not to drool in this installment of The Master and Her Piece as I feature Kim of Wynne’s Cakes!

the master and her piece

It’s an interview I do with women who inspire me and others to live and create better. I ask questions about their masterpieces or their works, their inspiration and ideas, their motivation, their challenges and their advice; to hopefully encourage my readers, too.

I first encountered one of her creations at my daughter’s 8th birthday party at Kidzville, The Podium. It’s now called Kidz City. This My Little Pony inspired cake was pretty and yummy. 

princess celestia cake

I’ve been following her on Facebook ever since. Her lovely cakes displayed on the feed are so tempting. The engagement cake and wedding cake designs make me wish I had known about Wynne’s Cakes before I said ‘I do’. 

One such cake is this stunning wedding cake. It’s so special! The colors are simple yet very elegant. Read on as Ms. Kim tells us about this masterpiece of hers. 

kim of wynne's cakes wedding creation

1. Please tell us something about this masterpiece. A brief background.

This cake is something that I have wanted to make for quite some time but still can’t figure out how to execute. I knew I wanted something unusual yet elegant. So I came up with this marble cake, and I knew I wanted to put magnolias because of its simplicity. The ruffled bottom tier just balanced everything out. This was one of the hardest cakes I had to make simply because it took quite some time before I was able to complete this idea.

2. What inspires you to create your masterpiece? Where do you get your amazing ideas?

Everything actually, from different gowns, flowers, or just simply anything that catches my attention.  I like to travel and collect new ideas as well, even just local trips to different towns. I also love to spend my spare time observing the details of the flowers in flower markets.

3. What motivates you to keep creating? Even if the little details seem so mundane, what pushes you to go on? 

What inspires me most is that every time I see my clients’ faces light up whenever they drop by to pick up the cake, or when I deliver it to them.

4. What was the biggest challenge you have encountered while creating your masterpiece? How did you overcome it?

Probably, the limited time I had to finish the cake. This was part of my wedding cake collection to be displayed at the Shang Bridal Fair. I overcame this challenge by setting my mind to the aftermath of my hard work and patience.

5. What advice would you give to anyone who is toying with ideas, or in the process of putting her passion into action?

I didn’t have enough courage back then when I started decorating cakes, but you just have to trust the Lord and His plans. Pray for wisdom and guidance in everything you do. Of course, don’t forget to surround yourself with the right people and those who will push you to reach your limits.

Following our passion and God’s guidance can help us create beautiful masterpieces. What God-led passion are you pursuing now?

Gaze at her lovely creations on the Wynne’s Cakes Facebook page.