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Wife After God By Jennifer Smith, Cymplified!

I believe that there’s always room for improvement in each of us. We can always be better versions of ourselves. We can always do better in each of our own roles. I can be better in my role as a wife. I can be a better wife with God’s help. That’s how @unveiledwife‘s Wife After God 30 day marriage devotional has been an instrument in my aim to improve as a wife.

This devotional encourages Christian wives to “draw closer to God and to their husbands”. I know that people say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” But, if I could do something to avoid it getting broken, then, why not? Right?

Following the advice of Jennifer Smith, the author, I wrote down the focus verse of the day, what God is teaching me, prayer and answers to questions. Some days have challenges included in them. There are times I feel the questions were too many, usually three, and too difficult. Maybe I feel like I’m taking an exam, or maybe these questions dig into issues I have trouble facing. It’s good to have my heart examined, right? Maybe it’s just me, hehe!

These are the things I like about Wife After God:

  • It is based on the Bible. The messages and thoughts were written according to the focus verses. This is very important because God’s Word is the truth. This devotional aids in the practical application of Scripture.
  • It assures me of God’s love for me. He is faithful even if I make mistakes and hurt my husband, intentionally or unintentionally. God forgives me and in turn, I model this forgiveness to my family.
  • It shows situations I can relate with. I may not be in the exact same circumstance, but I also struggle with the same feelings and pressures. This devotional showed me passages that could help me cope.
  • It encourages me to pray. Praying is vital in the life of a follower of Jesus Christ. He even taught us how to pray. I believe in the power of prayer and praying for my husband blesses our marriage.
  • It encourages me to seek God. I have learned that when I seek the heart of God, I will find the heart of my husband, the love of my life.

At first I was slow in doing the devotional because of the challenges I stated above, then I realized it doesn’t have to perfect. I could do it my own way provided I read the Bible verses and write down words that REALLY speak to me. Words that I genuinely lift to the Lord in prayer. Toward the end, I was always looking forward to what I’m going to learn about each day.

Here’s the book trailer:

If you want to know more, get more info here.

If you think you and your wife friends will also benefit from this devotional, you can buy now.

I thank Jennifer Smith for providing me with a copy to review. I would recommend it to all the loving wives of the world.


  1. I thought I’ve read this before when I’ve read the title but I’ve read a different book pala “A Wife After God’s Own Heart” by Elizabeth George. I’ll check this book because I know that I can still improve more. 🙂
    Michi recently posted..Glamping a.k.a Glamorous Glamping at Nurture Wellness Village

  2. This book reminds me of the book that was given to me. It’s about God’s email to guys or males (something like that). It’s a good daily read.
    Ron Leyba recently posted..I Will Never Look At This Legendary Basketball Player The Same Way Again. What He Did Is What The World Needs Right Now!

    1. That’s interesting!

  3. This is a book I would love to get. And it’s also a nice gift to other wives. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Welcome! I agree that it’s a nice gift to your friends who are wives.

  4. Actually I don’t read that much but this book is a must read. And I agree, it’s not just about fixing broken things. If we can do things to prevent broken relationship then me must. Thank you for sharing this one sis.

  5. Being a wife and mom is not easy and I totally agree that we need improvement in being one. It’s only by God’s help and strength that we can be what He wants us to be. By the way, the book really looks like a good read and aid for meditation.
    Chin chin recently posted..How to Guide Your Child Towards Independence

  6. Riz

    Thanks for sharing this, Cym! Sounds like just what I need! 🙂 Will definitely check it out.
    Riz recently posted..The Story of Dawn & Rain’s Names

    1. Welcome, Riz! I love the story of your twins’ names! They are indeed from God.

  7. Kristine

    Nice devotional book. It’s been a long time since I last read a devotional book. I would like to have one as I want to be closer to God as well.

    1. It feels so great to be walking closer to God each day.

  8. I think that is an excellent devotional plan to follow. It will certainly improve your relationship within your marriage.
    Dominique Goh recently posted..Cybertraps for Educators

  9. Millie

    I agree with you. I think I have to rekindle my relationship with Him. After reading this post, my faith in love, Him, and everything else in between, came back.
    Millie recently posted..3 Reasons Why You Should Visit SM City BF Vikings #EatLikeAViking

    1. That’s wonderful, Millie! The devotional could be a great tool to help you do that.

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