Online Shopping with iprice, Cymplified!

online shopping with iprice

How do you purchase the things that you need and want when you are a stay-at-home-mom with very young children, and it’s very rare that you go out by yourself? And if you do, you limit your time so you could be home at the earliest chance possible?

a. You ask your husband.
b. You go online shopping.

Most of the time I choose letter b. I do not want to inconvenience my hubby. 😉

I know that I said that I plan to own less and create more this year. In fact, I have already given away many of the kids’ toys and some of my breastfeeding paraphernalia, including my breastfeeding tops, two years after the end of my breastfeeding journey. That is why I always weigh my choices, always asking: Do I really need it? Do I have space for it? Will I use it? Is it something that would contribute to the update of my wardrobe?

Update of my wardrobe?! I thought I’m purging! Yes, so I make sure I give away or sell a pair of shoes or a blouse before buying new ones. I know you might say that that is NOT purging since I’m replacing everything I removed. Well, hopefully, the new ones are of good quality and will last me years without buying more. One of the reasons I am updating my wardrobe is because I want to have clothes that are neutral in color. I think moms need to have their uniforms, too. Sounds crazy, right? But, it actually cuts down the time used in choosing what to wear and focuses on more important tasks & decisions, according to an article I read.

Aside from quality, I also look at the affordability. I have to work within a budget, you know? That is where iprice group comes in.

online shopping with iprice

I am always on the lookout for items that are marked down in my favorite shopping site ZALORA. That’s what I do when I “window shop” there. I add the items I fancy to my wish list and if I really like something very much that I keep thinking about it, provided the questions above are answered, then I add it to my bag. Sometimes, ZALORA will shower me with discount codes to keep me happy.

But, it is hard work keeping track of these discount codes and their expiry dates. That’s what iprice does. It informs me of sales happening in ZALORA, Lazada, Romwe and more. It also gives customers the latest coupon codes for further price reduction.

iprice shopping coupons

About iprice:

The people at (a team of young individuals, with a special mix of tech geeks, fashionistas and entrepreneurs) felt that the one thing missing from the online shopping experience was the one stop shopping destination that lets you easily find any product online, in an intuitive and visual fashion. With the rise of e-commerce in Southeast Asia and as more new online shops emerged, it became increasingly difficult to find the products one is looking for as well as the best offers and promotions.

Its mission is to create the most delightful online shopping experience. The site iprice aims to provide the widest selection of products across all categories, whether customers are looking for a blue dress, high heels, a backpack, or a new couch. With headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, it is quickly growing into the leading platform for online shoppers across seven markets: Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand and Vietnam.

iprice shop

On my next shopping “trip”, I will remember to peruse iprice so I could take advantage of the discounts. You know what they say, “A penny saved is a penny earned.”

Do you go online shopping? How was your experience?


Disclosure: I was compensated for this post.

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  1. Mommy Anna

    Iprice is one of the best online shopping

  2. Doctor Eamer

    I want to try shopping online. Hindi ko pa ito natatry! 🙂
    Doctor Eamer recently posted..The Sought-After Recipe for Love

  3. theresa

    I have a little spare from my Zalora GC and I will try to use iprice when I purchased.
    theresa recently posted..Review: Cosbio Snail and Red Ginseng Collagen Essence

  4. Ron Leyba

    I heard a lot of great things about iPrice. Seems like they are the next big thing in Asia! 🙂
    Ron Leyba recently posted..Their Friendship Is So Admirable! Chinese Student Carried Disabled Friend For 3 Years

  5. Elizabeth O.

    I’ve seen several articles about iprice, but i haven’t tried purchasing from them. I like the idea of using coupon codes because it saves you a lot.

  6. Michi

    One thing I dislike in coupon code is the expiration date. I have two expired voucher from Zalora. 🙁 I haven’t check Iprice site yet. I hope it is user friendly like Zalora.
    Michi recently posted..Cebu’s Lechon

  7. Melgie

    I think that online shopping nowadays is a trend. I, myself love to shop online, its very convinient and super easy. Thanks for sharing Iprice, the prices are great and I’ll explore the site soon.
    Melgie recently posted..Grilling: Chicken Barbecue Recipe

  8. analyn

    I’ve been hearing a lot about iPrice these day. I’m into online shopping and will definitely try this one! thanks for sharing!

    1. ceemee

      Welcome! Please share your experience, too!

  9. Allan

    We used to purchase online especially on the yarns we used in our crochet. It is more convenient than visiting the store itself. However, there are pros and cons of online shopping. But as of now, we don’t have any bad experience.
    Allan recently posted..Zero Cavities For Better Dental Health

    1. ceemee

      Good for you! Bad experiences with online shopping are such nightmares.

  10. Dominique Goh

    I do buy things online but normally at
    Dominique Goh recently posted..Parenting with Presence

    1. ceemee

      I haven’t heard of that site before. I will take a look!

  11. Nathan

    iPrice is the best. Napakamura ng item, affordable na affordable talaga siya 🙂 I’m planning to order nga ng iPhone 4 only 7k lang 🙂

    1. ceemee

      Ang mura na ng iPhone 4 ha!

    2. Jess

      Wow that’s great! I want to take a look nga 😉
      Jess recently posted..ABS-CBN TVPlus – Ang Mahiwagang Blackbox

  12. Mayen

    I haven’t tried shopping on either Zalora or Lazada. My online shopping experience was limited to instagram shop. hehe.. But I like the idea of iprice. Do you really save more when you use those discount codes?
    Mayen recently posted..10 Things I love About Davao

    1. ceemee

      I think I saved more with the codes.

  13. Mommy Maye

    I love online shopping too. Very convenient and faster pa.
    Mommy Maye recently posted..A Week’s Recap + The Military Diet

  14. Kristine

    I was able to write about iPrice as well before. I love the beginning of this post, because I so much can relate…yes, I’ve been doing both A (if hubby’s on vacation) and B.

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