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Life Is …… by Judah Smith, Cymplified!

Have you ever asked the question “What is life?” I think that most people, at some point in their lives, have wondered about the reason for their existence. I know I have. Many times.

People dabble in different hobbies, even religions, to find out what they should be doing for the rest of their lives or where they should belong. Have you?

“Why am I here?”
“Why did you make me, God?”
“What is the point of all these?”
“What is the meaning of life?”

I imagine entering a quaint coffee shop one afternoon with a friend, ordering two glasses of iced coffee and a slice of cake to share. As we settle down on our chairs and take little sips of our drinks, we smile at each other and ask one another about life lately. After listening, commenting and nodding to our rants and raves, I would look out the window at the glowing sun during a pause in our conversation. In a wistful tone, I throw out a question, a seemingly profound, almost rhetorical one to which I half expect an answer. “What is life all about anyway?”

I imagine my friend’s answers to that question are not unlike reading Life Is _____. by Judah Smith. He would relate to me the perfectly ordinary happenings in his life or what he thought about a certain situation and then connect those with his opinions on what life is, based on God’s Word.

He would tell me funny anecdotes that would make me laugh out loud. He would inject side comments that would give me insight on his personality and the present world. He would narrate stories from the Bible, most of which I have heard or read, but from his unique perspective. Most of these would revolve around Jesus’ love, how God gives us peace when we trust in Him, and how to simply enjoy God.

This conversation would not only entertain, but most importantly, it would enlighten me on how Jesus loves. No, it’s not preachy at all, that’s why I would be made to feel close to the Lord because of it, despite my sins and mistakes. A relationship with Jesus would be most welcoming whether I am on my knees and wiping the sweat off my children’s backs, or you’re staring at your books for hours until tears well up in your eyes as exam week draws near, already a Christian or not yet.

I would come away from the experience in my imaginary cafe with a renewed purpose with regards to God. I highly recommend this conversation, and book, to everyone searching for answers to what life is.

What do you think life is all about?


Note: I received a complimentary copy from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Life Is _____. Book Cover Life Is _____.
Jesus Is _____.
Judah Smith
Christian Living
Thomas Nelson

Life is ____.

How would you finish that sentence?

Judah Smith believes Jesus shows us how to live life to the fullest. In this follow-up to his New York Times and USA Today bestseller Jesus Is ____, Judah completes the new sentence again and again, revealing how

· Life is to be loved and to love.

· Life is to trust God in every moment.

· Life is to be at peace with God and yourself.

· Life is to enjoy God.

Judah writes as a friend, welcoming new believers, lifelong followers of Jesus, and even the merely curious. He shows us the love of God that defies human logic and the life that God intends for us to have in the here and now. With excitement and humor, Judah looks at the stories in the Bible from his unique angle and shows how life is all about loving God and loving others.