A Holiday Movie Night With Family, Cymplified!

holiday movie night

I cannot wait to wind down with a holiday movie night with my family…

After ordering or buying gifts for family, friends and the children’s classmates.

After wrapping presents, making customized gift tags and sticker labels.

After sourcing and looking to complete the kids’ attires for their school Christmas program.

After the rehearsals and the children’s Christmas program itself.

After attending Christmas parties, filling up ourselves with food and conversations.

It’s time to relax, enjoy the company of my hubby & children and grab some essentials for a

Holiday Movie Night.

holiday movie night

The idea of the five of us, huddled under a

  1. thick, soft comforter and wearing
  2. loose and warm holiday pyjamas, while having a late night snack of
  3. cookies & cocoa, watching a cute Christmas movie like
  4. A Charlie Brown Christmas, resting our backs on
  5. the perfect pile of pillows and all snuggled on an
  6. outrageously comfortable mattress

has me feeling all cozy and happy inside. 🙂

What I love most about the season is the holiday break from school and getting to spend as much time as possible with my loved ones while watching the little ones enjoy their gifts, the lights and the fireworks that will come at the end of the year.

Being present with them, doing things together, discovering new places together are ways of appreciating your family and letting them know they matter. One way of doing this is jointly watching entertaining and meaningful movies.


How about you? Are you going to have a holiday movie night? What movie(s) are you going to watch?

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