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Rediscovering The Blogging Mojo In 5 Weird Ways, Cymplified!

When fear comes crippling,
And doubt comes stifling.
Ideas rush to my head,
But won’t flow to my pen.
The questions are crippling.
The what-ifs are stifling.
I write my heart out,
Yet nobody’s come reading.
When blogging’s disheartening,
When writing’s discouraging,
When I cannot help but
To others myself comparing.
Where is the light?
How should I write?
I have stories to tell,
But my voice I cannot find.

There comes a point in any journey that we undertake, blogging included, where we lose our passion, our drive and doubt if we are on the path that is truly for us. If it never happened to you, then, good for you!

So much has been written about the blogging burnout, being overwhelmed, writer’s block, bloggers in a slump, in a rut, slogging or plain uninspired.

So much has also been said about what to do when bloggers find themselves in these sluggish blogging situations.

Many times, I also hit the wall in blogging. I don’t want to stop altogether, but I feel that there’s something I’m doing wrong.

  • I guess I would need to go back to my purpose, and ask, why do I blog?
  • Maybe I need to flesh out that floating idea of making a series or something… If only I know what it could be about!
  • Or, that blogging and painting table I intend for my blog just had to be cleared so I could be more focused. Lately, I’m using a portable one because I follow the kids where they play.
  • Maybe one day, I will have my blog revamped again and employ blog coaching services. I even have a color palette in mind, for the meantime! 🙂
blush fall leaf tones palette from design seeds
is it pretty?

As of now, though, I am trying to rediscover my blogging mojo in really different, even weird, ways. I don’t know for sure if they will work! Let’s see…

  1. This was actually my hubby’s idea, but it’s not for blogging. He and I, with the kids, went to have dinner at a hotel restaurant which we haven’t tried yet. We had vouchers, you see. Well, having dinner was not unusual, but just trying out the food and criticizing every little thing, with nary an intention of blogging about the food or the ambience. Just savoring the meal with my loved ones.
  2. Revel to the highest level in my children’s adoring love! In my husband’s attentions! Especially in God’s great love and abounding grace! There’s no room for negative self-talk!
  3. I had my nails done… by my little girl, and I wore it on a trip to the grocery. My husband chided me for it, but I was proud of my imperfect fingernails!nail polish
  4. Doodle the wall I hit in blogging. Is it a brick wall? Or a white-washed one? Can you take a guess? ;-D
  5. Attack discolored spots on the walls and doors with a multi-purpose cleaner and a rag. Sometimes cleaning things could clean my mind, too!

Bloggers, how do you get out of your blogging funk? I want to know what extraordinary things you did to overcome it. Please enlighten me in the comments!