nail spa lounge facade
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Nail Spa Lounge in the South, Cymplified!

It’s always such a treat for us moms to receive pampering on our hardworking hands and feet. I was the recipient of such a treat from Nail Spa Lounge by Ellabell. The branch I went to was the newly opened one located on the 2nd floor Alfresco area Robinsons Las Piñas. I went along with my husband Ricky to photograph the nail salon’s facade. The outside kind of looks like a café, don’t you think?

nail spa lounge facade
photo by Ricky Marzan


The ambience of this nail salon was very welcoming. I think it’s because of the friendly colors yellow and blue. They kind of remind me of a country home. The grey wall served as the perfect neutral background for the interesting painted hexagonal patterned wall panels and for the yellow & blue tufted armchairs where the customers sit and relax.

nail spa lounge
photo by Ricky Marzan


I like the VIP room very much! It’s cozy and I can imagine making chika with a friend in here.

nail spa lounge VIP room
photo by Ricky Marzan


I was treated to the Primadonna hand and foot spa. For the feet, a relaxing soak came first. I never wanted to remove my feet but the heels needed to be scoured. After a bit of massage, some cling plastic wrapping and slathering on of some products, a pair of pink heated booties were slipped on. The fact that they needed to be plugged in made me a bit nervous, but I had nothing to worry about after all. Before my toenails got some cleaning and nail polish was applied, a pouch with stones was rolled on my legs, maybe as another form of massage. I chose the color called Eternal Optimist.

choose your nail polish color

As for my hands, they were also massaged, exfoliated and then placed in a Wave Pack glove. I was glad the glove was big so I could retract my hands a little from the fingers part, especially the thumb, because my hands couldn’t take the heat. Unlike the booties that were simply hot, the glove had herbs inside that could not only improve circulation, but could also relieve the joint and wrist pains. My right hand was feeling a bit weird before I went to Nail Spa Lounge. After the treatment, my hand felt better. I opted for a light color for my nails, but is still glittery in keeping with the holiday season. Haha! The name of my color was called Luscious Los Angeles. Reading the names of the color choices kept me entertained. Coming up with them must have been such fun!

Instrumental versions of some popular but old, sentimental songs (Unbreak My Heart) were playing in the background. I was not sure whether to sing along aloud or to relax and “feel the moment”. To prevent the attendants from rolling their eyes at me, I chose the latter. I wanted to sleep then and there, but we had to head home afterward.

This is the waiting area. Isn’t that love seat endearing? The word propped on the side table was a reminder for women (and men!) to love themselves.

In what ways do you show love to yourself?


For information and updates, visit Nail Spa Lounge By Ellabell’s Facebook page.


  1. I want to experience foot spa but hesitant to try it. Malakas kiliti ko sa paa. hahaha
    Allan recently posted..Party-Party-Party

    1. Hahaha! Sa kamay nalang!

  2. I need this! I hope to find and spend few hours at the spa.
    JanzCrystalz/January recently posted..Handmade Swarovski Bracelet JCB-38 Made Waves in December

  3. Buge

    The place looks very pretty! The Primadonna hand and foot spa sounds interesting. I do my own mani and pedi because I’m scared to get ingrown nails but I might give this one a try.
    Buge recently posted..10 Days of Heartaches

    1. Yes, ingrown nails is something I am scared of, too!

  4. This reminds me that I need to go to a spa to beautify my hands and feet. I agree with Cherry; the Nail Spa Lounge looks like an ideal place to get pampered.

  5. Kat

    Oh, lovely VIP area. Plus, they have creative names for the different nail color. I am also thinking of having my nails done for Christmas. We’ll see if I have time.
    Kat recently posted..A Weekend in Lanuza

    1. Christmas is one excuse to go have pretty nails. 🙂

  6. The place indeed look so relaxing! I love color and the design. I wish I’ll get some kind of pampering for myself before the year ends. Your nails looks really pretty Sis.
    Melgie recently posted..Weight Watchers Cooking Along with Ana and Laura Grand Prize Win

    1. Go get pampered! I’m sure you deserve it.

      1. Melgie

        At some point Sis, I deeply need a ME time alone in the Spa relaxing! I wish I get chance to do it this 2015.. Yippe 15 minutes to go and its New YEAR na. Happy New Year to you and your family.:)
        Melgie recently posted..Pandora Beaded Bracelet

        1. Happy new year! Hope you get your ME time!

  7. I want a free pampering treat too. Anyway, the nail spa looks cozy and I bet you had a great a time there.
    Mommy Maye recently posted..The Lazada Online Revolution culminated in Southeast Asia’s biggest sale on 12 December

  8. The place looks very nice. Definitely a great treat for you!
    Nilyn recently posted..74 Months Together

  9. I love going to the Nail salon for some much needed Me time. That looks like a really posh Nail Salon.
    Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen recently posted..Lady’s Choice Advanced Noche Buena Video and Lady’s Choice Macaroni Salad

  10. Love the interior. It’s quirky and it’s so clean!
    HEYLADYSPRING.COM recently posted..Good Food: 50’s Diner Baguio

  11. That spa looks glorious.

    I enjoy going to spa but I only do that sparingly.

    Thanks for sharing your experience and keep it going.

  12. Ida

    What a chic place to do a mani and a pedi. Do they serve refreshments too?

    I avoid multi-tasking, I sleep longer and I occasionally indulge with my parents any dish that is high in calorie. In rare instances, we wander too to a new place that enriches the senses as well as the spirit.
    Ida recently posted..Blessing In Disguise: Nodule Detected Via Ultrasound

    1. They also serve drinks. I had hot tea.

      Multi-tasking doesn’t do it for me, I have a hard time focusing.

  13. It must have been a really pampering experience visiting a nail spa. I haven’t been to one in ages!!
    Dominique Goh recently posted..Enjoy Reunion Dinner at Gu Ma Jia

    1. Maybe it’s time to go to a nail spa soon!

  14. I do agree with you that the facade of the nail spa looks more of a cafe. But I must say that the interior design of the spa is very chic and the colors look vibrant and happy. I love to pamper myself with a foot spa and pedicure. I’m looking forward to visit the nail spa in the following days. Thanks for sharing!

  15. I always treat myself to the salon or spa for my me-time. 🙂
    Jess recently posted..5 Things I’m Loving At The Moment

  16. Going to spa is my favorite momme-time. That place looks posh and so inviting!

    You have very pretty nails. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Cherry!

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