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Happiness, Cymplified!

I would like to presume that everyday is a happy day. Last January 16 was a happier day than others, though.

My family and I started it with attending church. Isn’t reconnecting and rekindling our relationship with God a great beginning to any day?

In the evening, we had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. I am thankful to the Lord that we could afford a fine place such as that. This was what I had for dessert.

counter clockwise to middle: sansrival, brazo de mercedes, cheesecake, chocolate chip cookie, whole wheat mango crepe

I was intrigued by the crepe. As it turns out, it was chewy, like wheat bread. The serving was a tad big, in my opinion.

That day also marked our baby Caleb’s 6th month. He is going to start on solid food soon, so it’s a milestone we’re kind of celebrating. He’s such an adorable, happy little guy!


It is very rare that my outfit looks “put-together”. My hubby often says that I’m a bad dresser. But that day, I threw on a Mossimo top with tight sleeves, which I got to wear only that time because I was slimmer than usual due to my thyroid problem. I added a pair of skinny jeans, a long necklace with a heart-shaped gem-encrusted pendant, a pair of baby violet Sole Sister flats and a purple printed bag. I loved my get-up so I decided to take a photo of a unique moment.


We capped the lovely evening with a trip to the Starbucks drive-thru in Fort Bonifacio in Taguig. After around two minutes, we got our orders in a nice cardboard double cup-holder.

Happiness, for me, is God in our lives+loved ones(family)+enjoyment+great food+coffee dessert!


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