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Cinderella, Cymplified!

Cinderella was my favorite fairytale when I was a little girl. And then when Belle came along, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast became my new fave, until now.

Going back to Cinderella, I had the chance to watch Disney’s version with my daughter, one more time. With my more “developed” mind, I saw it in a whole new light.
In the beginning, Cinderella sang that “a dream is a wish your heart makes, when you’re fast asleep…” I thought that this made her an advocate of pursuing dreams and wishes. But when Bruno was dreaming of chasing Lucifer, she asked the dog if he had caught the cat, when he nodded, she reprimanded him instead. I didn’t understand why. Was she the only one allowed to dream? I bet she has had dreams against her stepsisters!
Did you know that Cinderella was not as goody-goody as we thought she was supposed to be? When she was about to go up the stairs to interrupt her stepsisters’ music lessons, she did a small mockery of the horrible singing with her face.
Lucifer was a “mean old thing”, but does the cat warrant a whack from the broom? Maybe yes, maybe no. One thing’s for sure, she needed to take out her frustrations on someone or something.

The fact is, she was like any of us who couldn’t take being treated badly just sitting down. She had to have some form of release, a bit of sarcasm or otherwise. She also knew her rights. A pretentious princess? She’s just being human. It also wouldn’t hurt to hide her calloused hands with a pair of gloves.

Who knew that just one night of partying at the ball, thanks to her fairy godmother, and dancing with a complete stranger could change her fate forever? Cinderella was one lucky girl.

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