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Babies and Love, Cymplified!

Caleb the Kissable

Babies are born to love and be loved.

How do they show their love? I have experienced my babies lavishing their attention on me. It seems like they are observing me, even to the point of making me feel a bit conscious. They love to get close to me. They want to be carried at times. My baby boy would roll over on the bed towards me and rest his head on me or roll towards me, squeezing himself against my side until I don’t have space on the bed anymore. When they smile at me, I feel so loved and my heart skips a beat then melts. The way they coo at me is simply adorable and makes it hard to resist loving them.

I guess that’s why babies are born so cute, because they need to be loved. Loving them is caring for them, meeting their needs – physical and emotional ones. Feeding, bathing them and changing them into clean clothes and diapers at the same time talking to them, responding to their attempts at interacting and singing to them. Babies are soothed by the presence and voices of their parents or caretakers, for they also feel lonely at times, too. Now that they are bigger, I like to hold them close to me, to hug them and snuggle with them. Playing peek-a-boo and gently tickling them are great ways to bond. Making them laugh is one of my favorite pastimes. Hearing their musical laughter uplifts my spirit. Touching, caressing and kissing their super smooth skin, cute little hands and feet are such wonderful treats!

It sure is sad how some moms choose to leave their babies some place to die or let others pick up. I don’t know how they could not feel guilty in doing such an act. They should tell their families or the government agency or an orphanage upfront that they have no means to care for and raise the child. They should be willing to suffer shame for the welfare of the babies.

Babies are little angels sent by God to enrich our lives. They help us be more responsible, be more patient, be gentler and more compassionate human beings.


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