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Appreciation in Marriage, Cymplified!

It is very easy to nitpick and point out the faults of a person. It is without effort that people see the negative traits that stand out among the many wonderful attributes a person possesses. This is especially true for people who live under one roof. Being with your spouse each and every single day makes his/her shortcomings more glaring.

appreciation of each other

It also makes you see why you fell in love with that person and more. We need to train our eyes and heart on the positive aspects of someone, especially a special someone we love. Saying ‘thank you’ even for the littlest of favors is a great way to learn gratitude for having him/her in your life.

I believe doing so will alleviate arguments between you and your spouse. Making a list of the qualities that you like or love and thanking God and your partner for possessing them is one of the ways you could show your appreciation. This could make the petty fights you have just that, petty and easy to get over, for you will see the things that matter most. The things that bring you joy.

Some advice on The Art of Appreciation