coloring pages stylized flowers

Stylized: Coloring Pages, Cymplified!

An article came out stating that coloring is a stress-reliever for adults. Suddenly, I see coloring books for grown-ups everywhere! There’s even an app for it. Many females 18 years old and above have succumbed to it. I guess it’s one of the ways they could express themselves creatively. Have I? Nope, I haven’t given in to the temptation… YET!

But, regarding coloring pages, I find that I am into making one, not coloring one. Take for example the free printables I made for Easter

easter coloring page preview

and Mother’s Day.

for mothers and kids to color

I made another one to share with you, it’s called Stylized: Flowers. It’s a little over 4.5″ x 8″ in size. It looks like this:

coloring pages stylized flowers

Would you download and color it? If yes, please share and tag me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. I would love to see your works!

Click here to get a copy of it. Enjoy!

Links to the posts containing the other coloring pages:


Mother’s Day

03/12/2016: It’s almost summer here in the country. Time to hit the beach? Bring your coloring materials and this coloring page inspired by the sand, surf and sea. Download and print through this link.

coloring pages stylized beach cottage

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