appreciating orchids of grandmacultivate your magnificence

Appreciating Orchids, Cymplified!

Orchids are one of the most delicate yet most beautiful flowers to grace the earth. These flowers could definitely liven up and at the same time add softness to our homes and gardens. As centerpieces for tables during birthday parties or weddings, they will get families and friends appreciating orchids.  Do you know that you can have your own orchids without …

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for energy efficient homecultivate your magnificence

6 Ways to Create an Energy Efficient Home, Cymplified!

Saving the earth should be everyone’s concern. And it starts with our own homes… Before it spreads to the way we purchase, like using a stainless steel cup for coffee instead of the disposable plastic ones. Or having a reusable bag at the grocery. This guest post is helpful to know where to start creating an energy efficient home. Making …

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appreciating the uncomfortablecapture your moments, cultivate your magnificence

Appreciating the Uncomfortable, Cymplified!

We are not put in the world to be comfortable ALL.THE.TIME. How do we go about appreciating the uncomfortable? But, who wants to be uncomfortable, right? I know I don’t! Most people, if not all, want to live a comfortable life. Parents, most of all, desire for their children to live comfortably. It would break their hearts to see their …

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decluttering after Christmas simple guidecollect your memories, cultivate your magnificence

Guest Post: Simple Guide to Decluttering after Christmas, Cymplified!

Is there a niggling on the back of your mind? Do you feel like you have left the oven turned on or your front door unlocked? The cause of that might be a few Christmas decorations or gifts left in the living room. Or, your Christmas tree is still up. If you have plans on decluttering after Christmas, or new …

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recap, review, or reflection; one wordcapture your moments, cultivate your magnificence

Recap, Review, or Reflection? Cymplified!

Recap. Review. Reflection. Whatever. Blogs are expected to post a year-end entry or a reflection of the year that was, it seems. There are also some that look forward to the things that the new year will bring. The “one word” that will hopefully be the guidance to achieve goals. Shall I do a recap, review, or reflection? Or that …

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neighborhood game cafecapture your moments, collect your memories

Family Day Out: Neighborhood Game Cafe, Cympified!

One quiet afternoon at home can become a noisy one with an invitation from their daddy to visit Neighborhood Game Café. What are the ways families bond? What family activities can they do together? Travel and tour. Enjoy food together. Watch a family movie. Make an art or craft project. Play board games. Play with their pets. Swim together. Make …

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