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Gratefulness List at 37, Cymplified!

I cannot deny it. I am getting near 40. Three more years and then, I’ll be 20 again. Isn’t 40 the new 20?  😆

This post is about my appreciation of the experiences throughout my life, but summarized.

Gratefulness list at 37 years old. In no particular order.

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  1. Having studied in a Christian school is one of the things I am thankful to my parents for. This is where I first met and believed in Jesus Christ. Here I had a relationship with Him, which strengthened over time. Although, years after high school, I backslid many times, I drew on my definite experiences of His presence in my life to reclaim my faith.
  2. My parents. I’ll never forget how my mama took care of me during the times I was sick with fever. She would give me my medicine, bringing up water to the second floor to my room even in the middle of the night. My father worked hard in order for his children to be able to study in good schools and have everything they need.
  3. My siblings and cousins who were my first friends. I couldn’t forget the time we played together with kittens at our grandfather’s house. Or the time we took a trip together to the USA.
  4. In this Christian school was where I met my closest friends. We have now known each other for more than two decades. With each other, we could be ourselves and talk about anything for hours.
  5. That I could live up to 37 years is no easy feat; given I am gifted in the clumsiness department. Also, there were times bad guys were after me. In elementary, when I was walking home from school, a man came up to me and began pulling my arm. He accidentally pulled off my bangles and all I said to him was, “Those are fake!” Then, he returned them to my arm and ran off. I didn’t think he was trying to kidnap me until later. In college, I was about to board a jeepney when a man blocked me to tell me that he’s a cop (but he’s not in uniform) and that someone recognized me as the one who stole a wallet in Jollibee. I didn’t even go near that place! He walked away when I told him I was late for my class. I am really thankful to God for keeping me safe! But I bet my guardian angel never stopped shaking its head.  😯
  6. I am glad I grew up in the last years of the 80’s and then the 90’s where the music, the songs and the dancing were more meaningful than the ones in the present.
  7. Also, I value the moments I do nothing during summer vacations, because that meant I could daydream and draw to my heart’s content.
  8. It was in these summer days that I found the time to spend a lot of time with pets, mostly family dogs, which I was thankful for. They were my playmates, my confidants. I also started rescuing abandoned kittens around this time, to my mom’s displeasure. I learned to be a bit responsible – feeding these baby cats milk and cleaning up after them.
  9. Life in college was not something I look back fondly upon for personal reasons. But it is where I learned to love being alone, to eat by myself, and that it is okay to be a loner.
  10. In college, I met one of my friends who is witty and funny (I have only two pals, the other, sadly, passed away 🙁 ). We still send each other messages from time to time, recently about motherhood. She was the one who introduced me to the PC application called mIRC.
  11. Back when Internet was fairly safe, I met with guys I chatted with in mIRC, particularly in the Fil-Chi channel. The meeting was called an ‘eyeball’. Nowadays, I’d be scared for girls who’d do what I did. I admit that I was looking for love; but somehow, nobody’s interested in me. Thus, I decided that I will not look for love. Then, along came my future husband, via mIRC. I am not sure what I am thankful for here. That I was introduced to mIRC, that other guys were not interested in me; or both?
  12. All I know is I am grateful that I met Rix; and we are on this adventure called marriage. I appreciate him as my life partner. As a matter of fact, I thank the Lord for him in my prayers. Always. There’d be a long sublist of the things I love about him.
  13. Along with him, I also say thanks for my children. Even though they quarrel most of the time, they are mostly obedient and helpful. They did not throw terrible tantrums when they were younger.
  14. Grateful for the strength and wisdom God had imparted to me when these little ones were super small. I couldn’t imagine how I pulled through the sleepless nights and the tiresome routine.
  15. Now that the children are a bit older, Rix and I have more quality time together. We exercise together and replenish the calories together.  😛
  16. To the moms in my children’s school who were friendly to me and made the waiting time go faster with their stories: thanks! And to the moms who share their motherhood journey on their blogs, thanks for the additional wisdom.
  17. The smiles and laughter that were beamed my way, they make my heart sing.
  18. Our helper.
  19. Books that keep me company everywhere. They are doorways to other worlds. I could pretend to be a teen or an adventurer or a witch with books.
  20. I am thankful to the people who are reading my rambling blog post. This is one of the longest I have ever written, I think.

There are many more blessings that I appreciate, although I sometimes take for granted. Like having food, shelter, clean water, clothes – you know, the basic needs. This might not be an evergreen post, but I just want to unload these here, a peek into some of my life stories.

Or maybe I just had a lot of cake…?  😉

gratefulness list at 37 caramel mango mousse cake

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