averagely median in-betweener
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An Averagely Median In-betweener, Cymplified!

Girl In The Middle

averagely median in-betweener

She is the third in a series of four. Not exactly smack dab in the center, but a middle child nonetheless.

She is a valley between two extremes. The mountain before her is the born leader. The one behind her is too easy-going.

She is in between doing her best and being content with good enough. Sometimes she excels, sometimes she just scrapes through.

She bridges two sites, yet she leads to no particular place.

She embodies the phrase ‘jill of all trades, master of none’. Trying various things, yet sticking to nothing in particular. Or her interests evolve from time to time.

It’s as if she is a melting pot, devoid of the pure. A wild mix of the best and the worst.

She might look perfectly content between exceeding expectations and being a disappointment.

Most likely, she’s a follower – of directions and of orders; yet, when the need arises, she could step up to the plate of leadership.

At times, she is a definition of awkwardness – hanging out in between moments, frozen in between actions.

Of course, she doesn’t speak for all averagely median in-betweeners!

Special Like Everybody

She doesn’t generalize. She revels in her uniqueness, yet knows that she blends into the crowd most of the time.

Her thoughts are her own, she also agrees with others at times. She thinks, therefore she is.

Her existence is not questionable, but she doesn’t assert it. She isn’t loud; she prefers to let her actions speak for themselves.

It’s a balancing act between making her strengths work and improving on her weaknesses.

Mistakes and poor decisions are a part of her, but they do not define her. To her, there’s always room for improvement. She is a student of life.

She changes, she learns, and she grows.

Advantages of an Averagely Median In-betweener

Her perspective allows her to be objective. She sees the big picture, at times, and she’s attuned to the details at some.

Being in the middle makes her empathetic. She knows both sides, not beholden to one. Though she has mixed feelings, it’s helpful for the situation.

Her position makes her the observer; many times the noticer. She could be slow at times, but she is taking in the moments, especially the good ones.

She’s on “neutral territory”; she’s the peacemaker. The in-betweener in her negotiates well.

Contentment comes easily, especially when there’s peace. The middle child in her is happy to be able to do the things she needs, the things she wants; without being under the scrutiny of her parents or anyone else.

Yes, other people’s opinions may not matter to her too much.

She is soaking up the wonder of being surrounded by the chaos and beauty of life.


This girl in the middle, in the midst of all the imperfections, knows that there is no perfect balance in life. Still, she appreciates being average, being in-between and seemingly floating from here to there; for she is certain that her footing rests on God, her anchor.

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