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Exploring Tagaytay With Children, Cymplified!

On Family Getaways

When going on family getaways, my husband and I make sure they’re fun and somewhat educational for the kids. It’s one of the ways that we can bond with each other and with the little ones. Another perk is that we get to see, experience and learn about a different city or province. It’s wonderful! Being four years old and above, they could still remember their adventures and talk about them for months. Hence, looking at photos could trigger memories.

exploring tagaytay with children
the kids still mention jeju island now and then

We have expectations of the places we visit. These are based on the research made before the trip. It’s important to check the weather and accommodation so we’ll know what necessities to pack. There was one hotel abroad that didn’t provide dental kits; therefore, we needed to bring our own toothbrushes. It’s helpful to read about how to pack for travel with kids. For hotel rates, we usually use online booking sites such as Traveloka to take advantage of promos and to compare hotel facilities.

We also ask this question. “What activities could the kids do in the area?” It would be too boring to stay in the hotel room all the time, right? If there’s a swimming pool, we need to bring their bathing suits. If there’s an outdoor playground, rubber shoes are a must. Packing for the kids with their help could be an enjoyable bonding moment.

Furthermore, we need to know if the hotel or condominium unit where we will be staying at has the following options:

  • extra bed for our eldest (if not, two queen-size beds)
  • bathtub
  • bidet sprayer
  • wi-fi
  • cable TV
  • swimming pool
Exploring Tagaytay With Children

Family getaways don’t have to be expensive or far. There are plenty of group buying discount deal websites that offer price reductions on various accommodations around the country. One place that is not too far from our location is Tagaytay City. It’s a respite from the city heat and pollution. It’s where we could have a good view of Taal Volcano. Something that the children could see for themselves, and not just read about in textbooks.

For children who love animals and would love to pet rabbits and guinea pigs, Hotel Kimberly is a great place to stay in. It has a farm at the back which has horses, chickens, turkeys, sheep and more. There’s an outdoor playground, an adult and a kiddy swimming pool. When we returned to Tagaytay one time, the kids were begging to check-in at Hotel Kimberly again.

hotel kimberly room


The weekend that we traveled to the south, there were storm warning signals. We attended my friend’s daughter’s first birthday. Afterwards, we drove straight to Tagaytay. It was cold and wet when we decided to check in at Taal Vista Hotel. Because of the downpour, we weren’t able to roam the grassy area overlooking Taal Volcano. We weren’t able to go swimming. Good thing the hotel has a play room. Therefore, the kids had a bit of fun with the toys there. I’m glad!

traveling with children 4 to 9 years old


If you’re in Tagaytay and craving for pasta, try to visit Buon Giorno in Cliffhouse. It’s an Italian restaurant with a lot of choices. For me that means, it’s child-friendly. Aside from staying at hotels, Tagaytay is a great place for going on food trips. Plenty of restaurants and stores that sell specialty food dot Aguinaldo Highway, the road that leads to a variety of destinations.

Food is also an educational part of a trip, you know?



After a satisfying lunch, I like having coffee and dessert in the afternoon. Twin Lakes is a relatively new property that houses a branch of Bag Of Beans. That’s where we went to on one of our family day outs. It has a country ambience that made us feel instantly at home.

bag of beans twin lakes lower floor interior


The “most beautiful Starbucks in the Philippines” is also in Twin Lakes. The seating area is down the stairs where a door leads to an outdoor walkway overlooking Taal Volcano.

inside starbucks, twin lakes
inside starbucks, twin lakes


Other activities that families can do in Tagaytay include:
  • Have a picnic, fly a kite or simply stroll in People’s Park. Maybe try the zipline.
  • Visit Sky Ranch. Ride the Sky Eye ferris wheel or a carousel and other rides.
  • Dine at Mushroomburger then ogle at a display of various kinds of mushrooms.
  • Have a serene breakfast or lunch at Antonio’s or Sonya’s Garden. Afterwards, take lots of photos!
  • Eat authentic bulalo. Yum!
  • Buy pasalubong at Rowena’s. Ube tart!
  • Savor Pastulan Store’s Good Shepherd ube jam.

There are a lot of places that my family and I have yet to visit… Like Paradizoo and Puzzle Mansion. I will definitely add them to our to-visit list!

Have you visited Tagaytay? What do you love about it?

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