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Animal Rescue, Cymplified!

the animal rescue site
the animal rescue site

I like animals; especially pet animals like dogs, cats and rabbits, and I also like lions and panda bears. I wish I could hug them. I really hate it when some people are cruel to animals. Stopping animal cruelty, feeding and giving shelter to animals are two of the causes I support. Before I got married and had children, my dream was to build a mansion for stray dogs and cats. I know that dream is not yet possible, and I have to find out if my hubby agrees with it, too. It might be far-fetched but it makes me so sad seeing abandoned dogs and cats on the streets.

So, for now, one way I am helping animals get the help they need is to click every day on The Animal Rescue Site. Clicking gives food to rescued animals. There are also items on sale that when purchased, helps feed shelter animals. They also give freebies on some days. If I reside in the U.S. I would have many trinkets from them already.

If you like animals and would like to help, even from the comforts of your home, you can also set up an email reminder for every day to click and give food to rescued animals, like what I did. The caption of the screenshot above will take you to The Animal Rescue Site.


  1. aby

    i love panda and dogs too! we really should fight for the welfare of the animals.. 🙂
    aby recently posted..Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner At Terraza Cafe, Club Balai Isabel

  2. This is interesting I never thought about this. I think I should join the caravan and support their cause too.
    Janzcrystalz recently posted..START THE YEAR RIGHT WITH SULIT.COM.PH

  3. What a wonderful idea… I will click and support them. TY! 🙂
    ElizOF recently posted..Haiku: Wisdom, Hope And A Troika…

  4. I am going to check out the site. I love animals too. There is an online seller I know who donates part of her sales to PAWS. I hope there would be a campaign to open awareness and responsible pet ownership.
    Marie recently posted..Sunday Inspiration: Free Yourself From Negativity

    1. Yes, we need to be good stewards of God’s creations.

  5. tet

    cool! do i need to have registered to do it? I thought I might be able to help i I clicked on it everyday. 🙂
    tet recently posted..CupKate’s Sweet Treats

    1. tet

      i just did it and i can do it multiple times a day pala.. 🙂
      tet recently posted..CupKate’s Sweet Treats

  6. I used to click on those everyday and one of the buttons is still on my sidebar ( Thanks for the reminder. Click on the other charities too, breast cancer, child health, hunger, literacy, and rainforest 🙂
    Vera recently posted..Inbetween (Kissed by Death) by Tara Fuller

  7. max

    interesting site, i’ll visit too

  8. anne lei

    Thanks for sharing this site. I pledge to click it everyday as my way of helping them. One of my goals this year is to volunteer, but since I do not know if it will be feasible, by way of this I could help others.
    anne lei recently posted..V-day’s Celebration

    1. I also want to help any way I could. They also have sites for breast cancer.

  9. Jellybelly

    A click a day is no trouble at all. Will do that. We used to pick up stray cats off the street because they looked so pitiful until we ended up with 21 cats.

    1. Wow! That’s a lot of cats! I used to do that too, even though my mom disapproved, I would even feed the kittens milk in small plastic bags with a corner cut off so they could suck. 🙂

  10. My pets are fishes and turtles when I was younger because I’m scared of dogs. Although I’m not fond of cats and canines, this idea of having animal rescue is great. Do we have something like this in the Philippines? I hope so!
    Lady Anne recently posted..Arabian Tea House: The Enchanting Cafe at Old Dubai

  11. My son loves animals but we cannot have them at home for some safety reaswon. Also, mommy doesn’t want to hAve ome animals at home.
    I’ll try to visit the site later.

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