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Thanksgiving {2011}, Cymplified!

Another occasion significant and popular in the United States that we don’t celebrate here in the Philippines is Thanksgiving. An image of a turkey comes to my mind when I hear the word.

Being thankful should be on a daily basis. It is after all part of a Christian’s everyday prayer. If I remember correctly, my prayer must follow this acronym as a format:

A – doration

C – onfession

T – hanksgiving

S – upplication

The people and things that I need, the things that I sometimes want and got, the past experiences, even my current situation all contribute to what I am thankful for each day. Every day, I will always have something to be grateful for.

  • Even though our ceiling has cracks and our walls are peeling and ruined, I am thankful I have a house to live in.
  • Even though I don’t get to travel and see places with my own eyes, I am thankful I could browse the Internet and read all about these wonderful places.
  • Even though my wardrobe mostly consists of old and outdated pieces, I am thankful I still have clothes to wear.
  • Even though our home stuff are not super high end, I am thankful they are functional and free (most are wedding gifts).
  • Even though my kids don’t have the latest toys, I am thankful they have many which were given to them and that the simple ones will boost their imaginations better.
  • Even though I have backslid as a Christian, I am thankful to God for His unceasing love and His faithfulness to me and my family.

There’s also an episode on Veggie Tales (my Elle loves watching this) on Madame Blueberry and how she discovered that “a thankful heart is a happy heart.” Watch it.

madame blueberry

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  1. Jenny

    My parents were also celebrating it back to their home. But for me, don’t use to celebrate it for I can’t get the thought why it must be celebrated. If people wants to eat or cook something, no need to celebrate something to be able to do that. I guess it’s all up to your belief and not due to any customs and tradition.
    Jenny recently loss during pregnancy

    1. cazzapoeia

      True that we need not follow what we don’t believe in. Thanks for dropping by, Jenny!

  2. yes, we have to be thankful for blessing, and not just for a day…
    But the US celebrates this based on their history, which I find it funny when people here “celebrate” too w/o knowing why it’s being celebrated in the first place. 🙂
    Mom-Friday recently posted..Mom-Finds: Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

    1. cazzapoeia

      Maybe they want an excuse to eat some turkey? Hehe!

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