cymplified musings

Incentive, Cymplified!


We all need something to motivate us at home (chores, anyone?), at work, and even for the (supposedly healthy) lifestyle that we lead. Our efforts should always be rewarded somehow.

One challenge I am facing at present is how to encourage my 4-year-old daughter to do her homework. What incentive must I employ to get her to have the desire to do her tasks from school? She is smart and I know she would do them well if only she wants to.

“What’s in it for me?” A question we sometimes unintentionally ask in our minds when asked for a favor, for help with something or when there’s a goal we try to achieve. Usually people expect monetary gain or material benefits, they don’t consider the rewards of how others would feel (gratitude, for example) even it’s not expressed, the results even if they don’t see it, the blessings from God (who sees their hearts and intentions) even if they don’t appreciate them.

What about love, passion and volunteerism? I know these are still alive and thriving, and the rewards people get from these is unlike anything tangible. Like the mom who takes care of everything in her home, who does everything out of love for her family, whose children are still too small to show appreciation for her. Like the entrepreneur who is successful at his business, who is doing what he is passionate about  and earning from it at the same time. Like the volunteer who gives of her time to the poor and needy, without expecting anything in return, but to be able to help as a Christian is enough.