Watercolor Gift Tags, Cymplified!

watercolor gift tags

Mere days before Christmas and we’re all about the get-togethers and the gifts we will be giving at the gatherings. Time is scarce to spend it on the traffic jammed roads and navigating the crowded malls to buy gifts, wrappers and tags.

Good thing there’s online shopping! I could buy presents from the comfort of my home and in my jammies.

Also, I have a stash of paper bags, papers and ribbons from opened presents that could be reused. Saving the earth one gift at a time, I say! 😀

For the gift tags, I decided to make my own with watercolor paper and paint. Inspired by Pat of Fancy Girl Design Studio, I tried my hand at watercolor painted tags and these are the results.

The first of the watercolor gift tags is a traditional Christmas one with a tree, balls and ribbon in red, green and yellow.

watercolor gift tags


The second one is a girly and non-traditional one. I love the gold lettering! It definitely adds sparkle to gifts for my gal pals.

watercolor gift tags


Third is a wreath I painted, with the evergreen symbolizing growth and everlasting life through Jesus Christ. The round shape represents God, having no beginning and no end. It could also mean unity and eternal love.

watercolor gift tags

I had the first two designs printed, care of my hubby, by Asdi Digital Printing, a print shop in Manila that does digital printing (obviously!), photocopying, soft & ring binding and more. Can you see how the sparkly tag matches the pink and yellow wrapping?

watercolor gift tags

If you cannot have gift cards printed elsewhere, you can use your printer at home. Just click on the watercolor tags images above and right-click to save image before printing these designs out.

If you are pressed for time, I made a PDF version with two of each design on one A4 sized paper. Click this link to download.

So, how’s your gift-wrapping going? All set for Christmas? 🙂


¤Happy Holidays!¤

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