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Family Day Out: Bag of Beans Twin Lakes Tagaytay, Cymplified!

The plan was to have cakes and coffee in Starbucks, and we drove more than two hours for that… To Tagaytay! Only, we ended up in Bag of Beans Twin Lakes.

cakes & coffee @ bag of beans twin lakes

The parking slots outside were full and ours joined the party of cars on the road. The line in the so-called “most beautiful Starbucks” snaked from the counter right to the door. We went in anyway. We descended the stairs to the seating area and emerged on the grassy space behind the building. This overlooks the Taal Lake. I was shocked, though, to see the mountainous area below where we were standing being developed into a subdivision.

We walked to the back of Bag of Beans and decided that that’s where we’ll have cakes and coffee. The interiors did not disappoint. They exuded a certain charm with the mismatched wooden chairs and the handmade decorations.

bag of beans twin lakes lower floor interior

The day before this, I went to the mall with my friends. We dropped by Daiso. I bought art materials for the kids – a sketchbook, a pack of markers and a box of crayons.


I packed these for the trip. Happily, they drew and colored.

kids @ bag of beans twin lakes

Then, the food slowly came. The girls enjoyed their cups of rich chocolate mousse. The boy enjoyed his banana split.

bag of beans twin lakes chocolate mousse

bag of beans twin lakes chocolate mousse

bag of beans twin lakes banana split

It was dream come true for me to simply hang out in a beautiful coffee shop. Sipping on my sweet cafe mocha, taking leisurely bites of my sweet blueberry cheesecake and savoring my sweet life.

Yes, the coffee and the cheesecake were a tad too sweet. The blueberry topping must be homemade, for I spied a clump of cornstarch-looking substance.

So, my hubby and I were sitting there talking. The kids were drawing and eating… When all of a sudden, people came rushing in from the double doors. They took up the empty tables near us. The rain poured hard. One server brought in the chair cushions. The lightning flashed and darkness covered us. Black out! After a second, the emergency lights came on. That was the exciting part.

The last time we set foot on Twin Lakes, it was when we stayed at Hotel Kimberly. It was also raining at that time. Coincidence?

Thankfully, the light was restored. We were happy again.

with the kids @ bag of beans twin lakes

You should have seen the upper floor. It was so bright and cozy. Even in the evening. Very welcoming. Like our favorite grandma’s warm and friendly country home. We bought fruit jelly on our way out, upon the girls’ request.

fruit jelly & cookies for sale @ bag of beans twin lakes

That was all we did. It’s simple, a bit silly, really, but it’s super special.


Have you done something simple and a little silly with your loved ones? What was it?

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  1. Your kids are adorable, yah this is also what we like to have a simple dine out in a nice place where we can talk.

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