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Field Trip, Cymplified!

I have always wanted to bring my children to the zoo. 1/3 of that wish came true when I got to accompany Elle for the first time on her second field trip. My parents went with her on her very first field trip.

Elle’s school, together with Prime Orienteer Mgt. Inc., went on an educational tour first to Avilon Zoo in Montalban, Rizal and then to Dolljoy Gallery and Museum. The photos below show some of the animals we have observed. Elle experienced feeding the Guinea pigs carrots, the Arapaimas raw chicken heads and then taking pictures with rather large birds of prey perched on her arm (with a glove/gauntlet, of course!).

20130219-114454.jpg in the bus, with a tour guide quizzing the moms and kindergarten kids, narrating the history of Quezon City, of U.P. and of Rizal
20130219-114511.jpg Elle feeding the hungry Guinea pigs, throwing raw chicken heads to the humongous fish and a lawin perched on her arm
 20130219-202928.jpg with tortoises, a peafowl with impressive tail-feathers, birds that reminded her of the movie Rio, a beautiful white peafowl, noisy goats, a tiger and Capybaras
20130219-114528.jpg in the painting area of Dolljoy toy factory, she said it was scary
20130219-114542.jpg with dolls in various themes: in school uniforms, in fairytale garb, teddy bears and clowns, and more


At Dolljoy Gallery and Museum, the children watched first a Disney cartoon about Elmer Elephant and then the tour began. I had no idea why the clip was shown, though. In between were doll-dressing contests where the winners got to take home the bear and the doll they dressed. We had opportunities to shop for dolls and figures at factory prices.

Both of us enjoyed the field trip and it’s a great bonding activity with my kid. I also got to see how she interacts with her classmates, and I got to meet their parents because I’m not the one who usually brings Elle to and fro school. I hope she learned something because I did. 😀


  1. I also want to bring my kids to the zoo, but I’m a little afraid they’ll not enjoy it just yet.
    eLLa (r) recently posted..Heaven in Laiya, Acuatico Resort Experience

    1. Are they still too young?

  2. I’m pretty sure your little one there had a great time and of course she also learn a lot.
    Daddy Yashiro recently posted..Your Last Will and Testament Is It Needed?

  3. jellybelly

    A zoo field trip is a great place to go for little kids. My daughters preschool recently went on a field trip to Ark Avilon Zoo near Tiendesitas and she had fun with her classmates. I brought her to Avilon Zoo in Montalban last year. She enjoyed the animals but going with friends and classmates would be a better experience I think.
    jellybelly recently posted..My Quest for the Perfect Shampoo

  4. soon we will be experiencing filed trips too. it is really fun to see kids enjoying their field trips.

  5. Aww, your daughter is so pretty! Ang cute nya with her classmates; I can only imagine the fun they had that day. And I agree, those doll heads are creepy!
    Maan recently posted..News Flash!

  6. Your little girl is so cute. Inggit much ako. Hehe. Anyway, I would love to bring my son to a zoo. I am sure he will love it as he loves watching animals. I would agree with your girl, nakakatakot naman kasi un mga dolls. Hehe.

    Mommy Maye

    1. Hopefully you’ll have a girl next!

  7. I am planing to take the little one somewhere early next month, I hope I will have a extra budget for this plan…
    Rosemarie/Gven-Rose recently posted..Random AfternoonThoughts

  8. Farida

    It must be a delight to see Elle interacting with her classmates and to see her expressions and reactions to the educational trip you’ve visited. She is very charming too! 🙂
    Farida recently posted..Today I am Certain…

    1. It was a delight, Farida! A little tiring too!

  9. Going on field trips with kids is fun! I like how they react to animals and situations. It’s refreshing! 😀
    Meikah Ybañez-Delid recently posted..Friday Mommy Inspirations

  10. i agree. joining your kids on their field trips is one of the best bonding moment. aside from that, you get to meet the people she interacts with day after day.
    tyna recently posted..One Proud Momma

  11. What a lovely daughter you have. She looks a lot like you. It’s always a welcoming feeling if we learn something from our own children or through their experience/s. 🙂
    Mom Michelle recently posted..Praising On Sundays: The Question About Fasting

  12. Mys

    Field trips are great but with the different accidents that happen, well, my mom doesn’t want my kids to go and I can’t fight her logic. We do trips together instead. Much safer.
    Mys recently posted..If I had a Talent

    1. That makes sense. Scenarios like the accidents are quite scary indeed.

  13. how i wish our city will have many places students can have their field trip like zoo and stuff…your daughter looks so sweet. 🙂
    gremlin mom recently posted..New Layout!

  14. educational trip are fun! I also love going to field trips with my daughter. have a nice day! 🙂
    ehms baquirin recently posted..Nokia Lumia– New Smart Phones Must Haves

    1. Yes, they are fun and a great way to learn outside the classroom.

  15. I bet she learned a lot as it looked like a really good comprehensive trip… brings good memories for me. 🙂
    ElizOF recently posted..Haiku: Wisdom, Hope And A Troika…

  16. Wow what a great activity for school. Last Saturday the school my little one is attending had a Family Day too.. 🙂
    January recently posted..START THE YEAR RIGHT WITH SULIT.COM.PH

  17. that’s a nice school activity for your daughter. the pics are lovely too. i don’t recall my sons going to a zoo as part of their school activity, maybe because we don’t have a decent zoo yet here in cebu.
    Innor recently posted..Saturday Afternoon Chatime

    1. Awww… I hope Ark Avilon opens in Cebu for you guys to enjoy!

  18. Wow, your pretty daughter looked she had so much fun! I also bring my kids to the nearby zoo, Manila Zoo. We’ve been to Avilon as well, I like it better. Memorable trip because I lost our camera there. waaah! 🙂
    Louise Antonette|Mommy Practicality recently posted..Practical Fashion: Grey Doesn’t Mean I’m Blue

    1. Awww… That’s sad! Hope it doesn’t happen again.

  19. Its such a nice bonding time. Your daughter is so charming, love how she smiles! I hope i get to join daughter din in her field trips.
    sanna recently posted..Home Cooked Dinner Food Court Style

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