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Gender Guessing, Cymplified!

When you’re pregnant and in the Philippines, acquaintances or sometimes even complete strangers will try to guess (even when not being asked) if you’re having a boy or a girl. Does that happen in other countries?

There are baby gender guessing “methods” that these people rely upon to come up with their speculations.

  • The shape of the baby bump. If it’s very round, it’s a girl. If it’s slightly pointy, it’s a boy. (This was applicable to my pregnancy with my eldest who’s a girl, and my second who’s a boy, but not with my third. I was expecting a boy again because my tummy was pointy, but then I gave birth to a girl.)
  • The appearance of the mother. If her nose becomes big and wide, her neck is dark and seems dirty, in short, she looks ugly, then she’s having a boy. If she’s blooming and pretty, she’s gonna have a baby girl. (I thought I was going to give birth to a boy the first time, I was super big and ugly. My nose was so wide, my neck was so dark. Then, I was blooming while preggy with my baby boy. With my third and second baby girl, I just look normal. This method was wrong in my case.)
  • If the mom-to-be likes to groom and prettify herself, then she’s going to give birth to a girl. (I never tried to look good on normal days. I even go out without make-up, except when attending semi-formal to formal events. This doesn’t apply to me even while pregnant.)
  • Based on the older siblings’ these: (please see picture below)


  • Someone said that if the end of the hair (see top photo) is pointy, then the next baby will be a baby boy. (This was not applicable to me.)
  • And if there’s only one “fold” on the thigh, the next would be a baby boy. (The former nanny of my first baby predicted that my second baby will be a boy based on this. She was correct!)
  • Do you know any more? Please share!

These are all, of course, before the Ultrasound for finding out the baby’s gender.

For some, it matters if they are having a boy or a girl. Some old folks prefer boys so the family name would be carried. Some mothers want girls to dress up and to shop with. Knowing the gender also helps with the baby shopping if color preference is weighty.

I was thankful God gave us both sexes plus a girl since we hoped for a girl and a boy. But, I was especially grateful to Him for blessing us with healthy children. That is what’s more important, in my opinion.


  1. same here! all sorts of kasabihan even the strangers on the train going home here in sg are askin’ me. Haay funny sometimes
    Leslie recently posted..Cold… BRRRRRR (Scrapbooking 101?)

  2. that is called buntot maya. funny how we filipinos has a lot ways to know the gender of the baby. pero minsan talag tumpak sya.
    Tondo Girl recently posted..OFW Life: On Finding the Perfect Accommodation

    1. I did not know it was called buntot maya!

  3. Oh sis my mother told me I will have a baby girl after Matt since he has two folds in his thigh when he was a baby. Sana nga totoo. Hehe… Ako naman my bumps was really round and I was so ugly but I got a boy. Sabi naman nila pag hirap ka daw sa paglilihi girl daw. Hehe. Ako kasi hindi ako nahirapan with my first pregnancy but I have yet tell if ever I will get pregnant again. Babalikan kita to confirm. Hehe.

    Mommy Maye2

    1. Haha! Sige antayin ko!

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