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Choose Not To Be Angry {選擇不生气}, Cymplified!

不生气口訣 人生就像一場戲 因为有緣才相聚 相扶到老不容易 是否更該去珍惜 為了小事發脾气 回頭想想又何必 別人生气我不气 气出病來無人替 我若气死誰如意 況且傷神又費力 鄰居親朋不要比 兒孫瑣事由他去 吃苦享乐在一起 神仙羨慕好伴侶 What if I blog in Chinese? Who would read it? I doubt the characters could be displayed in every laptop and computer screen. Anyway, I just want to share this rhyming verse/poem/creed. It’s about controlling the temper, deciding to choose not to be angry. In …

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Chinese New Year {2012}, Cymplified!

Lunar or Chinese New Year was being celebrated in the Philippines for the longest time. It was just this year that it was declared a non-working holiday by Pnoy. It used to be only the Chinese school students and employees of some Chinese businesses who enjoyed a day without classes or work, respectively. I seem to recollect that New Year’s day …

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