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Pro-Lacta Malunggay Capsule, Cymplified!

pro-lacta malunggay capsule

With my resolve to exclusively breastfeed my third baby, I need all the help I could get. One of them is the supplement that I take along with malunggay leaves cooked in soup (I have this almost every meal) and yummy Mommy Treats. Lots of water, too, to keep me hydrated.

As I have mentioned in this post, I won 2 small boxes of Pro-Lacta Malunggay lactation supplement. I think it is helpful in maintaining my milk supply. Pro-Lacta usually is part of the sponsors of mommy and breastfeeding events like the baby shower in Medela House and one of the La Leche League talk I attended.


I am glad I came across Pro-Lacta to arm me on my breastfeeding journey.

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