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When Doubt Whispers, Cymplified!

When doubt whispers, what will you do? There are times when I find myself in a sinkhole. It’s scary. It’s dangerous. It’s called doubt. Do you know what’s beneath it? Depression. People tend to dismiss doubts as they are tiny, like seeds. They don’t easily catch our attention as they move stealthily, creeping into consciousness. Like thieves, unexpectedly they steal …

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Kindergarten, Cymplified!

Last school year, Ella graduated from Kindergarten. It signaled the end of her preschool years. We might think that Kindergarten is all fun and games, just playing and singing. But, surprisingly, it’s not. Believe it or not, Kindergarten gave my eldest a little taste of the real world. And it’s not just more assigned tasks to work on. Ella likes …

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Rediscovering The Blogging Mojo In 5 Weird Ways, Cymplified!

When fear comes crippling, And doubt comes stifling. Ideas rush to my head, But won’t flow to my pen. The questions are crippling. The what-ifs are stifling. I write my heart out, Yet nobody’s come reading. When blogging’s disheartening, When writing’s discouraging, When I cannot help but To others myself comparing. Where is the light? How should I write? I …

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