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Taxumo Celebrates Your Passion {Get Tax Help}, Cymplified!

Do you want to do something you love and earn from it at the same time? I think it’s safe to assume that most people want to turn their passions into profit. I know I do! That’s what I had in mind when I made this Joyful Days planner inserts booklet. I love watercolor painting! Creating something nice and useful is …

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Family Getaway: Jeju Island Trip Preparation, Cymplified!

I was looking forward to this trip. I also was not. One thing I was sure of is that there must be a Jeju Island trip preparation for our family. I looked forward to cooler weather since it turned sizzling summer here in the Philippines. I also looked forward to experiencing some of my family’s firsts. It was our first …

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Hands Free And Connected, Cymplified!

Unless one works and lives away from his immediate family, he has no excuse to be glued to the computer or the smartphone all the time. His full presence and undivided attention would be very much appreciated by those who are with him, by his loved ones. The video below is a great reminder for me, and hopefully for you …

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Breast Cancer Awareness, Cymplified!

This month, I am very aware of my breasts because I am breastfeeding my third baby. I haven’t realized how much “beating” they were taking until now, when the tips are tender and a little sore. This is especially evident for me when I dry myself with a towel, extra care is needed not to hit my “girls”, which is …

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